Tuesday 3 March 2015

V8 Series 2a - Birmingham

Land Rover Series 2A, 1967, V8, SWB

Welcome to the auction of my lovely series 2a Land Rover from 1967. It saddens me to sell, but doing so for family reasons.

Over the years she has had some changes, especially in the last few a good overhaul was done and a rear half chassis was replaced, all brake pipes and lines, wheel cylinders, and the suspension was upgraded to parabolic springs and shock absorbers front and rear (about 5 years ago).

MOT untill mid Jan 2016, Tax exempt, and taxed untill December 2015 (but due to new rules you'll need to sort your own out)


3.5 V8 engine, good running condition, starts everytime - couple of leaks at the bottom end
4 speed box with overdrive, high and low 4 and 2 wd all working well - couple of standard leaks. There is a rumble sometimes when in gear and the clutch is down, this stops when you pull away - not there that often.
Exhaust is good, but has a few patches on it - not blowing
Free wheeling front hubs
Complete custom made fully water tight wiring loom (with relays and fuseboard to modernise)
Complete ignition overhaul 6 months ago, new plugs, leads, disi cap, arm, coil,
Both Carbs overhauled with new gaskets and seals
Electric regulated fuel pump, fuel lines and tank replaced in overhaul
Electric cooling fan, thermostat operated
Mains power kill switch - fitted for security more than anything else
Large powerful battery, in very good condition (i always kill the power by removing switch as it does drain battery if left)
The wheels and tyres shown in the final picture is what will be fitted, not the ones that are shown when photographed on the grass. Excellent tread Michelin Tyres.


The overall condition for the land rover is very good, it was rollerpainted during its overhaul a few years ago in beige.
Bulkhead had welding done to it during overhaul and is strong

Chassis - good and solid with rear half (not quarter to be clear) replaced, front spring hangers were replaced at some point out riggers are good too, there are patches on the chassis but all nice and solid.

There are personal touches on the front and rear wings, shown in the picture.

Both doors and door tops were brand new when over haul was done and are damage free - all lockable
Truck cab, with lockable rear window
Inside there are two seats, a few additional guages,
Rear section is just open with nothing in it

There are a few spare bits that i will include, lower suspension damper bushes, 2x front brake wheel cylinders, probably more but i cant remember whats in the garage!

The brakes almost need a double pump, there is no air in the system, i believe this is down to adjustment but have not had the chance to get it sorted. You cant drive this like a modern car, so i put it down to charchter and drive it accordingly. It does pull up in a straight line, so i belive it is just the rears that require adjustment.

This vehicle is nearly 50 years old and is far from perfect! Do not expect a pristine vehicle because its not, however it is a great useable land rover with bags of charachter and a driving experience like no other! I drove it round last summer with no roof and loved every minute of it - and i expect you to do the same.

I have tried to describe and list everything i can, i have checked it several times and if i have forgotten something i will update as i go. I would advise looking at any vehicle prior to bidding so you know what your bidding for. It's a great appreciating classic motor, and i will be sad to let her go.

Any questions please ask, and i will do my best to respond.

Deposit of £200 at end of auction, Sold as seen and no returns accepeted. full payment via bank transfer or cash on collection.

This is a UK ONLY auction, the vechile is based in Birmingham 5 minutes from j2 of M42.

Advertised elsewhere too so I may end early if needed