Saturday 21 March 2015

1981 LAND ROVER 88" - 4 CYL Black great body work and decent chassis - Hunndersfield

Sellers Comments
welcome to my auction. You are bidding on a classic series 3 which has been my faithful short distance work horse for 2 years. I bought the landy from a forestry worker tired of having no power steering and a slow commute to his job plac. He bought the wrong car !!!  When i got it, the wheels were the wrong size so I bought 5 new tyres and 5 good hubbs and the steering became infinitely better. I paid £1650 for it and have spent the same again on the wheels, electrical rewiring, new brake servo, new alternator and massive bosch battery, handbrake repaired, new prop shaft and last week, i had the entire exhaust system replaced. I have a bill for £1000 from the garage who did most of the work with the other stuff done by local mechanics. So, it starts fine if you heat the coils for 20 seconds when cold and produces huge clouds of black smoke but then seems to emit the usual stuff to be expected from a 30 year plus car. i cn get 50 0n the flat but you have to rev hard and use the gars to make climbs with can be slow. Brakes are ok and the four wheel drive options all work well. Lulls like a train but slowly. The cotpit has a removable storage box complete with my home made arm rest !! The fuel tanks pictured do not come with the car, I'm selling him for two reasons. Firstly, i want to pull my motorbikes to events across the country and get there before I die. Secondly, the engine has no serious flaws beyond being noisy and dirty but its tired and i have no expertise in terms of restoration or even basic component replacement. I think an enthusiast would probably overhaul the engine or throw in another one but that is just far too advanced for me. The chasis is fine with no cracks but the body work is great with checker plate everywhere. Im going to take the cash and buy a disco or defender as that will be more like a car rather than my road going tractor. i would be open to a part exchange if it is four wheel drive and able to tow a trailer and bike trailer. Mine has full electrical hook up and will pull anything but slowly . so, a well cared for car which is mechanically tired but idel for someone who knows thee way around a landy and has the time and desire to work on it . i am happy to chat to potential buyers on 07552162086 . Happy bidding Paul