Sunday 29 March 2015

Series 2A Lightweight Land Rover TDI Immaculate Restoration,Show car,Coil sprung

Series 2A Lightweight Land Rover TDI Immaculate Restoration,Show car,Coil sprung
This car started life as ex military series 2A Lightweight, I wanted the look of the old series 2A but I wanted it to perform and drive like a new defender so I started the full nut and bolt re-build!

I started with a Range Rover classic chassis shortened to 88", sand blasted and galvanised.
The Defender and RR running gear was fully fully stripped down and sand blasted back to bear metal,
undercoated 3 times then painted and rebuilt with EVERYTHING new,
all the bushes, suspension and brakes (refurbished callipers) are new, as well as every nut, bolt, bearing and seal etc.
I have literally hundreds of pictures of the build on a usb, which the winning bidder can have a copy of.

I had to use the original Lightweight bulkhead, which I had replacement footwell professionally welded into.
I also re-designed the layout of the bulkhead to house the new style defender clocks,
and to take the power steering column of a defender, as discreetly as I could.
The rest of the body was fully stripped down to the aluminium and the underside of the body painted before fitting it.
I had all the external rails etc re-galvanised.

I bought a 200tdi with LT77 gear box out of a known defender, which is a nice engine, it pulls like a train and never misses a beat.
I gave it a full service and new clutch before putting it in the car.
The only problem with the 200 tdi was getting it in the series 2A engine bay,
however after some tricky engineering everything sat perfectly in place and the only major change was,
 moving the intercooler to the top of the engine block, hence the scoop on the bonnet.
  The bumper and the bumperettes were measured perfectly and commissioned by a good friends fabrication company.
I had a bespoke full stainless steel exhaust fitted which is a work of art.
Once the body was on and painted I fitted all brand new lights and a defender indicator stalk fitted to the steering column.
I paid a auto electrician to make and install a new wiring loom for the engine and lights etc,
which was a real impressive job once completed.

This car really has to be seen to be appreciated, every single little detail has been thought about and finished to the highest level.
After finishing the car I took it to a Land Rover show and won first prize, on the Lightweight stand.
I also had it featured on the front cover of LRO magazine and a 6 page feature inside on my build.
Since then it has been under a sheet in my garage as my pride and joy,
using it only on odd occasions in summer, or a friends wedding.
It has never got dirty or been out in the wet.
 BUT regrettably i think i want to sell it ... ??

But life moves on and things such as houses take over, so this sale is a head and heart situation,
 my partner says sell it and my heart says keep it.

Guess who won..

I am a massive perfectionist, this car took me over 4 years to do, nothing was rushed or bodged,
no corners cut everything is perfect. It is a one off and wow's everybody.

As you can imagine it is hard to write a advert on a project that has taken hundreds of hours to finish
 and had everything new so here is to mention a few.

- Defender gear box and running gear
- Galvanised chassis
- Power steering
- Classic look, but drives like new
- 19" predator wheels
- New doors with glass and seals
- Refurbished locks
- New series 2A vent panel (took me 6 months to find)
- MOT - D ready to drive
- Mini leather sports steering wheel
- Bespoke lockable cubby box, with built in radio
- Built in speakers
- The bulkhead was fully sound proofed with led matting before carpeting
- Original 2A heater plumbed into the cab
 - Sun visor
- All the electrics are perfect i.e window wipers etc
- Range Rover classic fuel filler cap, discreetly fitted on the outside of the car to save filling your tank under the seat. 
- Only bad point is one slight bit of bubbling with the paintwork around the scoop on the bonnet,
I have a tin of the original paint, the bonnet could be repainted or a different bonnet with no scoop could be fitted.
This is minuscule, but I am a perfectionist.