Tuesday 17 March 2015

For Sale - £5800 - Land Rover Series 2a 88, 200tdi, Galvanised chassis, 1968, Bronze Green

The good points

- 200tdi engine from a Discovery,  just had an oil change, very strong and means the car keeps up with modern traffic, improved mpg

- Brake servo fitted, stops very well

-Tax exempt and current MOT to August 2015 (last MOT required a few bushes to be replaced other than that it sailed through

- Galvanised chassis and a solid bulkhead, very clean underneath

- Overdrive, works smoothly and makes driving on the motorway a lot more bearable!

- 4wd, high and low range all work well

- tracking and steering all as they should be

- Exmoor tim full tilt, 5 months old, still in good condition and waterproof

- Parabolic springs and uprated dampers fitted 6 months ago, ride is better than most series land rovers

- Heater from a range rover, warms the car up nicely,  especially on my drive into work over the winter!

- Tailgate modified to open like a door easier for loading (parts to revert to drop tailgate included in sale)

- electric fan fitted (switch operated but only comes on if running hot)

- range rover radiator

- Glencoyne 4x4 alternator conversion (discovery alternator with alloy brackets to correctly locate it)

- Recent service, oils, filters etc changed.

-new front and rear propshafts and UJs

- new headlights

- new seals

- tow bar and  electrics fitted

- socket fitted to dash so phone etc can be charged on the go

- comfortable high back cloth seats

- larger wheels and Hankook tyres

- new tail and sidelights

The Not so Good bits

- occasionally jumps out of second gear, although not when in low range, has never really bothered me day to day though

- although resprayed in 2014, the paintwork is tatty in places, has been touched up

- wiring could do with a tidy up, I've left it as is because everything works!

-defender exhaust, has had to be modified to fit 200tdi downpipe, isnt the neatest installation but is only visible from underneath

- sump plug drips a little, front diff weeps a little oil

- Drivers door has a dent from when the check strap came off, both check straps are removed but easily refitted (photo showing this)

- radiator has taken a knock at some point, however it is leak free and the engine never runs hot

All in all a very solid, reliable land rover that has had a few tasteful and sensible modifications to keep up with modern life, while still retaining the character of a classic!

Reason for sale is because of a new posting I need something that will cope with travelling the length of the country in a bit more comfort (classic range rover)