Friday 30 May 2014

1991 LAND ROVER DEFENDER 90 - East Riding Yorkshire

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Land Rover Defender 90 2.5d 2003 in Black

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Thursday 29 May 2014

land rover series 3 Armored SAS mod met police vehicles London riots rare | eBay

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Hi thanks for looking this auction is for a 1979 series 3 land rover and where do we start. 

This is just one of 2 made it was made on the 2nd of march 1979 then left land rover to go to Alvis coventry to be armour plated with one more Land Rover AYL256T  then was dispatched to the met police at Northolt / Heathrow and in its time with the met was used in the Iranian embassy siege London on the 30 April 1980 here you can see it on youtube have put the link for you @ about 5:08 mins 
and the London poll tax riots then after in 1990 both was sold to west Yorkshire police and resprayed in blue till about 1995 then went to the 255 regiment and was painted unmarked army green then to 256 regiment and when a Refit/spray was done back to white as used for Firearms till 2001 and was in the tv drama Juliet Bravo

The land Rover is a 109 LWB 2 1/4 petrol with a Hubbard air con unit and 40178 miles has no tax or mot ideal project is a sound landy there is some welding to be done as all land rovers need but looks like just on the outriggers the bulkhead looks all sound it has had hand paining on the out side and has not been done that well would just look great with a new paint job. I always say please come and have a look
before you bid you can have as much time as you like so your happy with what your getting as there is no mot or tax will have to be trailed away or by
transporter and could be arranged. 

The engine starts and runs and sounds great and the landy drives and changes gears as it should do. The armour plating is just something else and this is a rare land rover.

LAND ROVER Series 2a Long Wheel Base 109 200tdi Tax Free 12 months MOT

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Land Rover 1979 Series 3 109 LWB ex Miliatry Soft Top Petrol 2.25L - Tring UK

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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Land Rover Series 2a, 1969 Tax exempt,7months MOT, 2.8 V6 Ford Engine NO RESERVE

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Chassis and bulkhead solid

The V6 engine pulls really well. Its siting on parabolic springs with range rover diffs in so you can put your foot down if you want to, I have driven many series land rovers over the years and this one is definitely up there as one of the best. 

tow bar and electrics fitted, nice job of boarding out with built in box in the back, rare metal grill, headlight upgrade. 
Good matching Colway tyres all round and  new water pump fitted. I have kept her well serviced, new filters oil etc recently.

The only thing i need to mention is there is a slight weep from the transfer box where  the prop shaft  meets i think .Nothing major. I have not had time to fix it. No leaks from the engine or axles.....which is amazing for a land rover of this age! 

Sunday 25 May 2014

1966 Land Rover Series IIA (2A) 88 four wheel drive millitary

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Land Rover Series 2a 1968 swb 88

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Welcome To The Auction Of My Excellent Example Of 
A 1968 SWB Series 2a Land Rover.

I lovingly restored this land rover last summer, I have mainly used it for green lanes and classic car shows, it has been a joy to own! 
I have now got a new project on the horizon so require the space.

I attended the Peterborough land rover show during which I had the vehicle looked over by the 4x4 specialist, Famous Four, this was after I had part restored it; they were very complimentary to my sympathetic restoration but were most curious to its history, due to the fact the chassis looked so original with only minor surface rust. It is, in their opinion, amazing that it has been so well preserved prior to me taking ownership.

For simplicity's sake I shall just list all the things that were changed/upgraded last summer:

  • Fully rewired including; marine grade fuse box, new fuses, relay box, relays, connectors. 
  • New head lights, plugs, indicators, fog light, stop tail lights, Rocky Mountain front grill.
  • Custom dashboard, all Lucas switches, new warning lights, smiths gauges. 
  • Steering wheel sprayed black and string wrapped, smiths heater powder coated new demist silicone hose in period style along with other new parts to complement the interior.
  • New britpart seats fitted to reconditioned sliding seat frames, [powder coated black], bench seats rear. 
  • New sound deadening kit installed including under bonnet, using correct high temp spray adhesive; new carpet set fitted front and rear.
  • New door seals on the bottom, replaced front vent flaps including seals.
  • New door cards, front and rear. 
  • New prop shafts, New brake shoes all round as well as slave cylinders, stainless braided flexible brake lines, all new copper brake lines.  
  • New Morris classic gear oil in; diffs, gearbox, transfer box, overdrive, New Morris classic engine oil plus filter, new air filter oil, new induction hose, new sump gasket, New wheel bearings all round, new drive members.
  • Rocky mountain; parabolic leaf springs, shackles, u bolts, new bump stops and check straps, Pro comp dampers, Polyurethane bushes all round.
  • Speedo stopped working this winter unfortunately, I would have thought the cable has snapped, dash needs securing at the bottom, 
  • few leaks in heavy rain.
  • Due to replacing, both vent flaps are now blue and require paint I was quoted a drive in, drive out £60.
  • round.
  • Fairey capstan winch not fitted, but included in the sale. 
  • All new steering rods, knuckles, including bilstein steering damper and front diff guard.
  • Paint is in good condition, it is sprayed and looks good after a polish, there are only a few bits where it is lifting of the alloy, wheels powder coated off white including spare.

It starts on the key and currently mechanically wants for nothing. It is a very capable series 2a with the Rocky Mountain springs and pro comp dampers making the ride comfort almost modern compared to the old cart springs, all the gears can be faultlessly selected and both the yellow and red levers are fully functional.

The engine, never renowned for its immense power output, pulls surprisingly well and has never faltered. Having overdrive makes a difference for doing any sort of distance, allowing you to drop the rpm but maintain a similar speed.

Rest assured whoever wins the auction will not be disappointed! It is tax exempt and MOT expires at the end of this year. I have it on good authority from the MOT station that it should pass again with no issues.

A joy to own, sad to see it leave, kind caring home only please!  

Off Road Experience in North Yorkshire - Near Thirsk

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If you love driving and love the countryside, then you’re sure to enjoy our 4x4 North Yorkshire off-roading experience! What better way to improve your driver reflexes and wheel control - and have tons of fun while you’re at it - than by bouncing over boulders, dashing down gullies and blasting through gushing moorland becks in your very own all-terrain adventure? Specifically designed to suit beginner or refresher 4x4 drivers, this windswept trek on the edge of the North York Moors will have you on the edge of your seat as you descend steep slopes, lumber over logs and go door-deep through water troughs, on a purpose-built route where courage and nerve play as big a part as driving skills. 

The vehicle you’ll be using for this first-time off road outing is a Land Rover Discovery, one of the toughest 4x4s around. This miraculous machine was created to tackle the most treacherous terrain known to man, and our purpose-built 4x4 site in North Yorkshire is enthusiastically putting that claim to the test. The grounds are divided into five routes, ranging in difficulty from beginner right up to pro – but don’t worry, you won’t be expected to drive them all. On this course you’ll start on the lead-in route, which will allow you to get to grips with the traction, gearing and balance of a Land Rover. Each session is done on a completely one-to-one tuition basis with a qualified 4x4 instructor, so you won’t be under scrutiny from other participants when you’re behind the wheel. However, you are allowed to bring a friend along for the ride – as long as they’re not a backseat driver! If you’re thinking of taking 4x4 driving to the next level, the North Yorkshire centre also allows you to build on your introductory lesson through a range of higher-level driving courses, culminating in your gaining a professional off-road driving qualification.  Who said off-road driving was just for fun? But even if you’re simply looking for a great day out with friends or family, this easy-going intro to driving a 4x4 in North Yorkshire is a great way to build up driver confidence and by combining both mental and physical challenges, it’s sure to be a wheel-based winner with off-roading adventurers everywhere

Off Road Experience - Wiltshire - Near Chippenham

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Release the driving demon inside you with our torque-tingling experience behind the wheel of a 4x4 in Wiltshire. Aimed at drivers new to the thrill of handling a four-wheel drive, this stunning off-road route simulates all the hazards you might expect on open ground – and some that you wouldn’t – making this is a great way to explore the full possibilities that 4x4 driving offers. Set in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside at the Castle Combe Circuit, our half-day 4x4 extravaganza will have you facing crazy climbs, dizzying descents and watery challenges, testing your motoring mettle to the limit. The custom-built course provides all of the fun that any off-roading session involves, but combines it skilfully with developing driver awareness and confidence. As a BORDA (British Off-Road Driving Association) accredited school, the centre at Wiltshire certainly knows its stuff when it comes to 4x4ing. Their motor of choice is a Land Rover Discovery, one of the most popular four-wheel drives ever manufactured and it’s as much in demand now as it was back in 1989, when it was first released both on and off the UK roads. These rough-and-ready vehicles are designed to cope with all kinds of terrain, so they’re the ideal pick for the wet-and-wild conditions you’ll encounter at the Wiltshire grounds. Following a welcome an introduction, your driving instructor will take you through a car safety session, before it’s into the driver’s seat for your first chunk of all-terrain tuition. After covering the use of the Land Rover’s differential locks, as well as how to successfully negotiate log bridges and other nerve-wracking obstacles such as water pools and traverses, you’ll finish your session in Wiltshire with a quick explanation of 4x4 driving etiquette before being presented with your personalised offroad course completion certificate. The whole session lasts approximately three hours and is perfectly suited to novice off-roaders or newly qualified drivers to help develop their manoeuvring abilities. Up to three drivers are allowed per vehicle, so this works equally well for a group of friends or a car-crazy couple on the hunt for off road adventure. If you’re looking for a weekend drive with a difference, our 4x4 Wiltshire offering is hard to beat. 

Off Road Experience - 4x4 Warwickshire

Warwick, Leamington Spa

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Explore an authentic adventurer’s motoring paradise when you go off roading in Warwickshire! Churn up the mud with your all-terrain tyres and test your mettle in this cross-country metal machine that loves the bumps and grinds!

This experience near Royal Leamington Spa is the perfect playtime session for the young at heart and is filled with thrills, spills, splashes and bumps. You’ll abandon the safety of tarmac for the great unknown of the dedicated off roading trails through Warwickshire’s stunning countryside and discover just how hardy both you and the car can be!

What’s great about this course is you can mix things up, either taking a full hour behind the wheel yourself, or sharing the hot seat with up to two friends. This all makes for a wonderful wheeled expedition for hard-core off roading enthusiasts who want to hog the time for themselves, or you can ramp up the fun factor by inviting friends or family to share your skills-based session with you.

The terrain you’ll be attacking is, somewhat appropriately, ex-Ministry of Defence land, so as you bounce along in your rough-and-ready Land Rover, it feels just like an undercover jungle mission. The vehicles used look the business too: fully equipped for off roading, the Discover and Defender will attack and defeat pretty much any obstacle you throw at them. If you do get stuck in the deep mud, then there’s the additional thrill of watching the winch free the Land Rover from its quagmire prison.

For the duration of your off roading experience through Warwickshire, a fully qualified off-road driving instructor is by your side in the front passenger seat, ensuring your comfort and safety at all times, as well as encouraging you over steep drops, up towering slopes and through wickedly water-filled gullies.

This makes a great gift for a birthday or special occasion, especially for outdoor lovers, thrill-seekers and motoring fans. Why not book yourself onto this superbly splash-tastic day of motoring exploration and see if off roading across Warwickshire gets you revving your engine and your wheels in a spin. Superb! 

4x4 Off Roading Oxfordshire

Near Chipping Norton

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Who wants to go 4x4ing in Oxfordshire for an all terrain driving extravaganza? These half and full day experiences take place on a very authentic off roading course in Great Tew, Oxon. The vehicles used are proper 4x4s (Land Rover Discoveries), the real workhorses of the countryside that aren't afraid of mud, water or anything else you can throw at them for that matter - and perhaps just as well because you'll be pushing those axles to the limit!

What we love about these Oxfordshire 4x4 sessions is the amount of time at the wheel you'll get. Forget dull old classroom sessions waffling on about the mechanics of four wheel drive and knowing your diff from your viscous couplings. On the half day experience you will enjoy three separate sessions in the Landys and if you opt for the full day, you get an extra two, giving you five outings in total across a whole day that includes lunch too. Now that's what we call an intense day.

All 4x4 experiences taking place here in Oxfordshire start with a demonstration from your instructor, before you have a go at tackling the initiation circuit. Your second session goes on to test those new found off roading skills further, as you head over to a more challenging track, filled with harder water splashes, banked turns and steep drops. At some point you won't be able to see over the bonnet and you need wits of steel to trust your 4x4 to keep you on the ground and the right way up. You then be assessed by your instructor as you take on the harder circuit during a third and final driving session.

The half day version ends there, whilst those on the full on full day Oxfordshire 4x4 fest get to have a break (which includes a tasty pub lunch) before heading back out onto the tracks and trails. The first part of the afternoon is spent learning stall recovery. We've all stalled a car on a hill before on the road, so imagine what a pickle you could be in if you do just that when you've got two wheels off the ground and you're perched on a steep bank. This exercise is great fun and will leave you amazed at what you (and your trusty Land Rover) can do. And if it gets messy? Well, there's always the winch!

And there's one final test in the 4x4. Oxfordshire's toughest course will probably have you gripping the wheel just that little bit tighter. Here you'll attempt the most challenging sections of the whole set up. It's tough, but you've had superb training and four lots of practise, so let's see how you get on..

4x4 Off Road Scottish Borders Scottish Borders

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Where's the best place in the country to drive a 4x4? Scotland of course! When you go 4x4 driving in Scotland will see you driving a proper 4x4 in its natural habitat, far away from the urban setting we are more familiar with when it comes to being in a car.

Set in the heart of the Scottish Borders equidistant from Edinburgh and Carlisle, this gateway to Scotland is the ideal setting to experience just what these rugged 4x4s can do. You will be testing these hardy Land Rovers to the limit. And no, we're not talking the city slicker Land Rover Evoque, we're talking the earth busting, go anywhere Defender. 

Going suitably hand in hand with the tricky Scottish terrain, these 4x4s have got that fabulously tough military-style exterior with bolted panels and ridiculously high ground clearance. Inside there's no hint of luxury gadgets and gizmos to keep passengers entertained - and to be honest just being in one of these 4x4 vehicles in itself is an experience as you head over impossibly uneven and steep terrain here in Scotland, so there's no way you need things like DVD screens and sound systems onboard, as everyone will be glued on the action right outside the window!

And one thing we love about this 4x4 driving experience in Scotland is that you can bring a passenger along to join in the fun, so you will be able to have a back seat driver to assist/heckle as you drive and perhaps amaze them with off roading skills even you never knew had. And all that is down to having excellent instructors to teach you the 4x4 skills, all of whom are BORDA (British Off Road Driving Association) qualified.

These purpose-built tracks just for 4x4s on Scotland's extensive Forestry Commission land are operated by Hugh Roberts, who has been competing in offroad events and rallying for many years, as well as being a dab hand with vehicle maintenance and mechanics. Nowadays he takes great pleasure in organising and running sessions for novice drivers in the forests around, teaching you how to 'tread lightly' as he puts it, in a big 4x4 vehicle.

In fact his enthusiasm is the epitome of just what 4x4ing Scotland-style is all about. It's infectious and his teaching skills install confidence, even if it's your first experience of being behind the wheel of a 4x4. The Land Rovers that Hugh uses here in Scotland are one of the best off road vehicles around to take on the challenges of the rough and rugged countryside.

Your experience in a 4x4 in Scotland starts with an introduction and safety briefing, before you head out to the Land Rover for a two hour exclusive one to one off road driving session. As well as tackling the tricky Scottish terrain,  you will learn about how 4x4s work and what they can do in the countryside - you'll be amazed!

Off Roading Experience Scotland

Perthshire near Perth

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Get your tyres spinning with some wild and wonderful off road driving in Scotland.
 This experience will see you brave some of the most breathtaking terrain the Scottish Highlands have to offer, with pools, troughs, gullies and mountains all waiting to be tackled. With four wheels, shed loads of torque and traction combined with a hearty dose of courage to help, can you defeat our off roading challenge? For this bracing driving session in Perthshire, you’ll be behind the wheel of a County 110 Land Rover Defender, the vehicle that has been at the backbone of country living in places like this for years, long before cruising to the supermarket in 4x4s became a national sport! Your time at the track will start with a quick safety talk and an introduction to driving a proper off road 4x4 – which is a surprisingly different experience to that of driving a normal car, especially on Scotland’s craggy terrain, as you make full use of the dual-range transmission.  Your 90-minute lesson takes place on a one-to-one basis with an experienced off-road instructor, who’ll guide you through the balance between speed and caution as you manoeuvre the powerful Land Rover across all kinds of obstacles. After a short practice period on relatively flat ground, the wide expanse of this beautiful Scottish landscape awaits. Tuition is geared to your individual abilities, so whether you’re a novice or you’ve tried the axle-twisting fun of 4x4 off road driving before, our Scotland centre provides tailored experiences to help you get the most out of this madcap motoring venture. What’s more, you’ve got the option to include one other person in your Defender driving session, either as a passenger or additional driver – so you can share the enjoyment with someone special in the back as a passenger or you can both drive to see who can tackle the trickiest terrain. Further participants only incur a small additional fee, so this is equally suited to families or groups of friends looking to celebrate in a fun and unusual manner. Get yourself in gear with this extraordinary highland adventure and make off road driving across Scotland a road trip to remember. With no experience required, there’s nothing standing between you, your Land Rover, and being your own off-roading champion.

4x4 Obstacle Course Somerset Bath & West Showground

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Try your hand at some extreme off-road driving with our 4x4 Somerset activity; a specially-designed obstacle course guaranteed to get your blood pumping, your heart racing and your nerves buzzing! You’ll be driving a modified, high-powered Land Rover Discovery competition vehicle across a range of tricky terrains and you might even take part in a timed lap to see who’s got the fastest driver reflexes.
Whether you’re new to off-roading, or you’ve been handling these powerhouse machines for years, there is something to challenge everyone at our amazing venue on the Bath and West showground site. With 4x4 driving rapidly becoming a popular sport among people of all ages and abilities, the team in North Somerset is committed to providing personalised 4x4 off-road experiences that reflect not just the skills required, but their own passion and enthusiasm for this adrenaline-powered pastime.
Your 4x4 session at this expansive Somerset location starts with a safety talk, but you’ll quickly be put in the driving seat on the practice arena, where you can get a feel for the Land Rover’s abilities and your instructor can get a measure of yours. Once they’re confident that you’re ready to tackle more extreme conditions, it’s off to the course where – much like on a ski slope – there are green, red and black routes to suit different levels of cross-country competency. 
Each area provides different obstacles from see-saws, boulders, rocks and logs, to bridges, ravines, terrifying gradients and woodland trails, each one requiring a different driving style. Although your instructor is there to guide you and give advice and tips on how to overcome those bumps and drops, it’s fundamentally up to you to get your 4x4 to the end of this demanding Somerset course.
Before the end of your lesson, your instructor will then show you just what these feisty machines can do, whisking you off on a ‘pro drive’ to show you parts of the course that you might not have accessed during your stint behind the wheel.
Most of the 4x4 driving opportunities at the Somerset and Bath centre are on an individual basis, but you could make part of a group of four depending on the numbers at the venue. To add a bit of friendly competitive spirit to the day’s events, why not book a voucher with three friends and make your experience even more memorable?
However you decide to take on your off-roading exploration, we’re sure you and anyone else interested in dirt-track driving will love our 4x4 Somerset package where you’ll be getting seriously stuck into this pedal-pounding, chassis-crunching driving expedition.

4x4 Off Road Newcastle

Northumberland near Hexham

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Discover the might of the Land Rover Defender on this 4x4 driving experience in Newcastle! Put simply, this vehicle is one of the most renowned 4x4s in the world for agility, endurance and sturdiness, so you will love driving it.

This experience takes place on a highly acclaimed 4x4 driving course in the heart of the Northumberland country estate, featuring steep hills, big drops, off camber sections and even water canyons. The Landy is well-equipped to cope with it all having been modified with a 2.5 inch lift kit, snorkel and lightweight wheels.

You'll also be well-equipped to deal with these challenges as the instructor drivers will guide you all the way around the 4x4 course. As well as having a safety briefing, the instructor will take you on a demo drive before letting you loose behind the wheel.

This Defender 90 4x4 driving experience is available on a one instructor to one driver basis, so you have exclusive use of the vehicle for around 50 minutes. If you've got friends and family who want to join in the fun, you can invite up to four of them along with the additional driver/spectator vouchers and they can ride in the vehicle and even share your driving time with you 

4x4 Taster Bucks - Milton Keynes

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Take a 4x4 Offroading In Milton Keynes and see just what these cars (and you) are capable of! The beauty of this venue is the location. Only 10 minutes from the centre of Milton Keynes with all the facilities, yet this 4x4 circuit is in the heart of the Buckinghamshire countryside, being based on a working farm and business estate.

The complete site covers over 800 acres and the track you'll be tackling is 3.5 miles long, making it one of the longest purpose built offroad circuits we offer. Your drive will be full of obstacles too, many of which use the natural land layout, such as steep hills and drops, deep water troughs and side slopes. This is a fabulously technical course that will really test your 4x4 driving skills.

You will get plenty of experience of what it's like to do some proper off-roading in a chunky 4x4 vehicle - which is what they were originally designed to do. This activity, along with our large choice of gifts for men make ideal presents for the action man in your life, whether he likes four wheel fun or two.

Choose the 4x4 and Segway Combo and you will also receive a Segway Experience.  Hop onboard and have a go with the instructor at your side and once training mode is over away you go, led by the Segway instructor, along the challenging trails around this amazing estate complete with two lakes. Great fun!

Muddy 4x4 Sessions in Suffolk

Newmarket near the Cambridgeshire Suffolk border

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Tyres spinning, engine revving, muddy water up to the door handles – just a small part of what to expect on our outrageously popular Suffolk 4x4 driving experiences. Whether it’s for a die-hard outdoors enthusiast, a rookie road user or just someone who loves a challenge, put a smile on their face with these thrilling all-terrain expeditions.
There’s a choice between a 30-minute and 60-minute class, depending on how much cross-country exploration you’d like to try. All the 4x4 sessions at our Cambridge grounds start with a safety briefing, before you’re introduced to your two-legged driving instructor and your four-wheeled vehicular ally for this divertingly difficult route – a Land Rover Discovery. Specifically designed with off-roading in mind, these plucky machines can handle anything that’s thrown at them, from rocky gorges and steep mountain slopes, to fallen logs and treacherous water troughs.
Perhaps just as well it’s a Landy you’ll be driving, as these 60 acres of uncultivated landscape on the 4x4 site on the Suffolk-Cambridgeshire border has four different trails to play on - the Dirty Den, the Back of Beyond, the Crater and the Waterhole. All have their own challenges and obstacles and all living up to their names. Between them, you’ll get a real sense of what off-roading is all about and learn how to control these rugged vehicles in any kind of situation, making this not just a fun-based activity but a valuable tool for improving driver safety, too.
You’ll be accompanied at this centre in Suffolk by a qualified 4x4 instructor throughout your day, who’ll give you expert tuition on handling such an immense piece of machinery, as well as giving you guidance as you make your intrepid way around the extensive 4x4ing trails on offer.

All the instruction you receive is on a one-to-one basis; however, the Land Rover can accommodate two other participants, so if you feel like inviting a couple of daredevil friends along for the ride, the three of you can rotate turns behind the wheel Combining a full range of difficult driving situations with a fun, easy-going learning experience, these two Suffolk 4x4 off-road excursions are guaranteed to make popular gearbox-grinding gifts for anyone with a sense of all road adventure. 

4x4 Offroading - Rockingham - Rockingham Race Circuit

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For the ultimate rough-ride drive, our Rockingham 4x4 experience is hard to beat. Combining off road driving skills with some of the most difficult track conditions Rockingham has to offer, from gullies and streams to steep banks and mud-filled pools, this is one wild four-wheeled activity you’ll never forget.
When it comes to motoring, whether circuit-based or off road, Rockingham is one of the prime motorsport venues in the UK. Famed not only for its banked Oval track, the fastest in Europe, Rockingham Motor Speedway also plays host to F3 Grand Prix and British Touring Car Championships, giving this place a pedigree that few locations can match. This experience sees you going ‘behind the scenes’ as you go off roading at the rear of Rockingham’s huge grandstands.
So for this 4x4 session, you’ll be away from the smooth and steady surface of the circuit and onto the rutted, rocky and unpredictable ground of Rockingham’s extreme off-roading trail. Your sole weapon against the combined might of earth and weather around this gruelling cross-country trail is a Land Rover Discovery, chosen for its abilities to overcome any and all terrains. Nevertheless, you’ll need all of your courage, patience and determination to conquer the course, keep your 4x4 moving and overcome any obstacles in your path.
Before the challenge really begins, you’ll have a short safety talk followed by an instructor demo, to help you get a feel for both the territory and the vehicle. Very little training is required for this kind of activity, so you get the maximum amount of time behind the wheel.
Your instructor will be with you throughout, sat in the passenger seat ready to give advice and support when needed. Your driving time is one-to-one, but there can occasionally be other drivers who’ll take turns using the same 4x4 vehicle. With around 30 minutes in total at the wheel, you can be sure it will take all of your concentration and nerve to make it to the end of this fiendish Rockingham off road route.
Vehicular victory awaits in the form of a certificate of achievement to mark your taming of the tricky Northamptonshire topography, which is presented to you at the end of the session. This is the perfect experience for car-lovers, extreme sports enthusiasts and anyone with a sense of adventure and is sure to get hearts and engines revving. Now open to drivers as young as 17 with a full UK license and with no upper age limit (as long as they can drive!), our Rockingham off road track is a 4x4 challenge just waiting to be tested.

Quarry 4x4 Off Road in Yorkshire Near Doncaster

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Destination Yorkshire for 4x4 driving with a difference! You will get behind the wheel of a legendary Land Rover vehicle to go off roading on a professionally designed course around a thrilling and challenging disused quarry setting.

As you can well imagine, the site boasts a huge a variety of natural and man made terrain including mud filled ruts, rock steps, deep water and slide slopes. To tackle this sort of terrain you need the very best equipment - and that's where the Landys come in. This centre has a long tradition with these work-horses of the countryside and the current beasts of choice are the Land Rover Discovery 3 series and the Defender 90Tdis models - the perfect choice of 4x4 vehicle for tearing it up round the Yorkshire countryside.

After a thorough safety briefing explaining the theory involved in skilful 4x4 techniques, you will be accompanied by a BORDA accredited instructor who will teach you how to handle the wildest off-roading situations around this long-established Yorkshire venue.  Their aim is to provide you with the knowledge, skill and confidence to tackle as many of the massive range of obstacles as possible.  There are over 30 different obstacles on offer, some of which are so extreme you would find it difficult to walk over them, let alone drive!

The highly qualified male and female instructors here in Yorkshire are able to tailor every 4x4 session to match the ability of each participant. On the shared experiences you will be grouped in teams of up to three and when you're not at the wheel, you'll be a passenger. On the one to one experience, it's just you, the Land Rover and your instructor for the duration of the three hours, ensuring a very steep learning curve.

Although travelling at little more than 5mph around this little corner of Yorkshire in a 4x4, you can be guaranteed an adventurous and unforgettable off roading session as you take on the mighty tracks and trails of this superb ex-quarry location in a faithful Land Rover Disco or Defender!

Off Road Experience Lincolnshire - Grantham

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Demanding and rewarding at the same time - that's what taking the wheel of a 4x4 in Lincolnshire is all about! When it comes to driving an off road vehicle, the first mistake most us make is to go too heavy on the throttle. You will soon learn that less is definitely more on this challenging session near Grantham.

You'll be pleased to hear that for this experience you will be teamed up with the best of the best when it comes to 4x4s - the Land Rover Defender. True, they might be pretty basic inside  the cabin (and forget luxuries like heated seats and central locking!) but with a galvanised chassis, high ground clearance and solid transmission there is nothing these 4x4s can't do - Lincolnshire's muddy tracks won't know what's hit 'em when you get going!

As we said, it's so not about speed. The aim of the game here is to keep going, sure and steady. That way you won't stall the big growling diesel engine and you (hopefully) won't wedge the offroader in a ditch or steep camber. This sort of driving is so far removed from the daily commute that we think it's the best fun you can have in Lincolnshire at 5mph in a proper 4x4.

Before you can go wading through the grime and gravel, you will take part in a safety briefing so you know what to expect, what you might come against and when. Then with the instructor in the passenger seat, you climb into the driver's seat (which feels really high up!) and away you go. You'll be shown how working with your surroundings can help you ease through both the manmade and purpose-built obstacles in your 4x4 that litter this tough Lincolnshire course.

Concentration, consideration, lateral thinking and a little bit of luck, all combined with the finest tool for the job will ensure you will love getting to grips with this 4x4. Lincolnshire's mud-packed paths and tracks around Grantham offer one of the best terrains for you to discover just what off roading and green-laning is all about, so you're surely in for the drive of your life! 

Off Road Experience in Hampshire - Andover

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A trio of choices for you on our 4x4 in Hampshire experiences! Whether you've always fancied having a go behind the wheel of a rugged Land Rover yourself, or you'd prefer a professional to drive, you can do either at this off road driving centre in Hampshire, with sessions organised exclusively for you.

When it comes to 4x4ing, this lot based near Andover in Hants certainly know their stuff. Their role is providing off road driver training for companies and agencies with staff who need to be able to tackle all sorts of tricky terrain away from our smooth tarmac roads. We're talking electricians working on pylons, mountain rescue teams and forestry workers for example, all of whom might very well need to access remote hills and traverse tricky landscapes. These gift experiences give us mere mortals the chance to have an insight into the professional world of off roading.

For those who aren't so keen on actually tackling the sideslopes and water splashes from the driver's seat, we have the brilliant 'Extreme Ride for Two' voucher. This will see both of you in the Land Rover as passengers, being shown just what these amazing 4x4 vehicles can do on the Hampshire down lands. The 'safari' circuit has been created to push these vehicles to the limits and you'll experience everything from vehicle overrun and wading, to 45 degree drops (scary!) and steep ascents.

If you want to be in control of your ride, try our 4x4 thrills for up to two or three passengers. These both offer excellent value money as you can share the drive time as you wish and you pay no extra for it. With 60 and 90 minutes riding the Hampshire off roading trails respectively, you will discover an awful lot about 4x4ing in this time.

So what off roading driving skills can you expect to learn in Hampshire? Well, it's all about low ratio gears, differential locks and high torque with low revving engines. If all that is just words to you at the moment, don't worry as your highly qualified instructor will be showing you the ways to tackle each obstacle and explaining how what you do behind the wheel will make the Landy react.

By the end of your session in the 4x4, Hampshire will have thrown some serious off road driving challenges to you. Whether as a passenger or a driver, you will have encountered crawling, climbing and clinging in your trusty Land Rover, powered up to the crest of some serious hills, crossed deep ruts and slithered your way across side slopes. This is what green laning is all about in the countryside just outside Andover! 

Off Road Experience - Staffordshire

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Forget plain old tarmac – for a real driving buzz, take our Staffordshire 4x4 challenge and see if you’ve got what it takes to conquer the elements. With four-wheel drive, a heavy duty axle and some serious suspension at your command, this intense off-road session will have you thinking fast and reacting faster as you bounce and bump your way across a thrilling obstacle-packed track.

The course you’ll be negotiating is a twisting, turning, rocky route winding its way through the Staffordshire countryside. Designed specifically for 4x4 off-road driving, it offers the maximum complexity with minimum experience required, giving you all the excitement of rough ground driving right from the word ‘go’.
Your time at Stafford Driving Circuit begins with a safety briefing, where you’ll be introduced to your instructor and the 4x4 vehicle you’ll be using. The centre has a fleet of Land Rover Discoveries and Mitsubishis, both tough motors built to cope with the extreme pressures of off-roading. Chug through mud baths, negotiate rocky gullies and even marvel at the steep climbs that are child’s play to these expert machines – which is a good thing, because that’s exactly what you should expect!
Your total time behind the wheel is 15 minutes, giving you plenty of time to acclimatise to the difficulties and technicalities of all-terrain driving. Gravity and balance take on whole new meanings as you lurch precariously from side to side over the uneven ground and with water up to the doors as you wade wheel-first into the pools, you’ll have to hold your nerve if you’re going to make it to the end of this exhilarating Staffordshire trail.
Your instructor is with you throughout your time behind the wheel and they’ll give you advice and tuition as the lesson progresses. However, it’s up to you as the driver to get the 4x4 from start to finish on this tricky route. In recognition of your achievement, you’ll receive a personalised certificate to take home, as well as a better understanding of off-roading techniques.
This is a great gift for anyone who wants to test their driving skills to the limit, or even for a newly qualified driver wanting to increase their confidence or knowledge of car handling. As long as you hold a full UK manual license, you’re good to go. So whether it’s for you or a loved one, get your wheels in a spin with our Staffordshire 4x4 experience; buckle up, sit tight and enjoy the drive!

Saturday 24 May 2014

Off Road Experience - Nottinghamshire - Sherwood Forest

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How good is this 4x4 Nottingham experience? Well, if Robin Hood was still around he so would have ditched the horse for a Land Rover and we at Into the Blue think he would have signed up for this superb 4x4 off-roading session just north of Nottingham in his native Sherwood Forest. If you're not in the Notts area you can still find a 4x4 driving experience near to you, by checking out our main off road section.

Quite simply, the terrain for this 4x4 session in Nottingham is impressive - surrounded by pine trees, the tracks weave in and out of the forest just as you'd expect they would for any intrepid off roader.  But before you take to the wheel, all drivers are given a safety briefing (and a cup of tea or coffee, of course!).  Your instructor is with you throughout your experience and the session starts with a demonstration of driving technique by the instructor.

Then it's your turn to step behind the wheel. Using a 4x4 such as the celebrated Land Rover Defender for it's true purpose (one that doesn't involve taking the kids to school or posing in Nottingham city centre), it's a definite test of your off roading skill and concentration - it really is totally different driving a normal car with things like high and low gears and differentials all going on and the sort of terrain and obstacles you can conquer is all completely mind blowing and an adrenaline rush, all at low speeds.

With the fully qualified (and very patient) instructor in the passenger seat at all times, you will be guided through country paths with water pools, steep inclines, bumps, rollers and ruts in your off roader. As you gain confidence, Nottingham's most famous forest awaits - complete with fallen tree trunks to drive over and even 'Dave's dodgy woodland trail' to negotiate - mind those tree stumps that could put you somewhat off course! 

Finally, after your 4x4 Nottingham experience out in the wilds of the woodland,  it's back to base with the manmade technical park. Here you'll negotiate some of the deepest water and steepest drops and climbs.  One minute all you can see is sky, seconds later you feel like you're nose diving into a lake! 

Off Road Experience - Redhill Surrey

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Off-roading in Surrey - can you handle it? This farm estate just outside Redhill provides a whopping 250 acres of countryside terrain for you to play in driving a modern 4x4 vehicle. Whether or not you've ever driven off road before, your driving session will be geared up to suit your level. For this two hour experience you may be part of a small group of up to four drivers on the day. By keeping the group sizes small, you can all fit into the vehicle and driving duties are rotated, with an expert instructor sitting up front in the passenger seat to help with tips and advice if you need it. The idea is to start off gently getting used to driving the 4x4 and then by the end you'll be tracking through rutted trails with the wing mirror nearly scraping the side, you'll be leaning that far over. Your off roading in Surrey starts with a warm welcome at the Old Barn or the Lambing Shed, both converted barns and used by the venue to offer good on site facilities including hot showers, toilets and changing facilities. There is also some tasty catering on site and believe us after a serious session chugging around the off road track, there's nothing better than a bacon roll to celebrate!