Saturday 21 March 2015

For Sale - LAND ROVER Series 2 1958 V8 - Aboyne - Aberdeenshire

I bought this Land Rover on eBay without seeing it in the flesh and I was not disappointed when it arrived on a trailer from Wales.  It is in amazing condition as you can see from the photographs.  My intention was to use it to occasionally pull a trailer.  As it is a 1958 Series II it does not need an MOT or road tax and insurance is only £103 a year.  I knew it would never lose value so I didn't mind if it sat in the garage until I needed it to pull the trailer.  The problem is that it is in such good condition I just can't bring myself to take it out in the rain or on our salty winter roads so I have hardly used it.  The annoying thing is that with the V8 it makes a fantastic towing vehicle.  What I really need is a 90 that I don't mind taking out in any weather.  It will be a blow to have to pay road tax and a pain to have to get an MOT but hopefully a good 90 with a galvanised chassis shouldn't lose any value in the long run.  The only thing I have done to this Land Rover is fit seatbelts as I really wasn't comfortable going around without them.

Here's what the previous owner said about it.

An early, Tax and MOT exempt, Series 2 Land Rover that has been extensively and sensitively restored and converted to 3500V8 with the installation of a Range Rover 3500V8.  All receipts available for parts to a cost of £2300. The restoration has created an original and useable Land Rover.

The body-off restoration and conversion included the following:

  Range Rover 3500 V8 mated to the original, and excellent, gearbox that only has syncromesh on third and fourth gears but is a sturdier box than later models. Heavy duty, 9½” clutch fitted.
Fairey Overdrive fitted and this works well, engaging smoothly. This Land Rover actually has a fair turn of speed, by comparison with other Series Land Rovers that is! It will bowl along at 65 in Overdrive fourth when on the motorway.
The chassis was stripped to bare metal and a new rear half chassis welded in.  As you can see this was professionally gas welded and is definitely stronger than the original.  In addition, the front dumb irons were very solidly repaired along with the cross member and the outriggers.  The chassis was then primed, painted and pumped full of Waxoyl.
The bulkhead was completely re-built using replacement door pillars, full floor well repair panels and front corner hinge repair panels.  This was all gas, seam welded and the job done by a professional welder. All the box bulkhead sections have been internally sprayed with Waxoyl.
109" Long Wheel Base brakes, fitted to the front and rear to aid stopping.
Transmission Handbrake re-built with new shoes.
  Electonic Ignition-Luminition from Demon Tweeks.
 KenLowe Cooling Fan.
  High Capacity Starter Motor.
Powermax Low Pressure Fuel Pump.
All body panels stripped, primered and painted in Bronze Green.
Truck cab reconditioned with new window runners and new window catches.
 Heavy duty aluminium tread plate floor panels.
Doors, tread plate lined.
 All running gear reconditioned and rebuilt.
 All nuts and bolts are either stainless or galvanized.
Rewired with new loom and new side light fittings.
 New Bespoke Exhaust built.
 New battery.
 Dixon Bate adjustable Tow Bar.
New Craddocks seats.
 Fully Polybushed.
20 Litre Jerry Can
Although this is a Series 2 it has had a few Series 3 features fitted to make it more useable.  It therefore has a series 3 heater and it is really lovely and warm in the winter with the truck cab on.  It also has Series 3 wipers.