Sunday 22 March 2015


Please read the description thoroughly before reaching for the phone or placing a bid!

Welcome to the Auction of this Stunning Land Rover 90. The truck is a genuine Factory Built V8 Station Wagon, but underwent a complete rebuild and transformation back in 2005. It was built and supplied by none other than Liveridge 4x4. The current keeper has owned and enjoyed the vehicle ever since.

The truck was first registered on the 15th of January 1988, and was originally on an "E Reg" plate. The registration plate which you see it on today was purchased to suit the vehicle and it will remain on the truck. For those of you wishing to know the relevance of the plate it does of course say "A1 90 V8"! A nice touch!

Out on the road this Land Rover goes and drives beautifully. The power delivery as you can imagine is effortless, and it sounds glorious! Don't just take my word for it either, have a little peek!:

The exhaust system only has one small silencer in it ensuring a beautiful free flowing growl! That said though once cruising at speed it is not overly noisy and is then far more civilised.
The engine is absolutely on the button, and fires willingly first time every time. It has had a little fettling, mainly in the form of an Edelbrock Manifold and Carburettor. This set up as I understand is meant to gain roughly around 10 HP and run far more efficiently than the original set up.
The gearbox and transfer box are all rifle bolt precise and really do contribute to the perfect Defender driving experience!

Next then on to the exterior of the vehicle. It is Beautiful! During its transformation the colour was changed from its original drab Grey, to this stunning and up to date Oslo Blue. This is one of Land Rovers nicest and classiest colours available and it really does look the business. The paint job was not just a blowing over with a different colour either! The vehicle was completely prepped and painted inside and out and you would never even guess that it had ever been any thing else. It's glorious!

The wheels on the truck are again quite simply the perfect combination. Out of the box Immaculate Freestyles, shod in 235/85/16 Adventuro All Terrains all round. The tyres are still as New, and the spare has never been on.

The interior is simply Gorgeous and completely over the top! Dark Grey Exmoor Trim Modular Leather seats in the front, and matching correct seating in the rear. The front seats are Heated, and benefit from 2 heat settings. The rears all have separate and correct seat belts.
Other goodies inside include a vast array of additional Stainless handles, knobs and vent trims. There is also the fitment of a quality CD player with IPod control, and speakers front and rear.
All of the carpet and head-linings were re trimmed at the time of the build and it really does feel like you are sat in a brand new vehicle! It is very special indeed and incredibly comfortable.

Next on to this trucks absolute party piece. The Chassis. Yes you guessed it its Galvanised so is never going to rust! There is no point in describing its condition as it is obviously like brand new! Why Land Rover never fitted these as standard is beyond me!
The front bumper and rear cross member have been freshly painted black and then lacquered. This has obviously been done just for aesthetic reasons but it really does look smart.
At the rear there is also a Genuine Land Rover adjustable tow pack.

The build sheet for this truck back in 2005 is quite simply eye watering! We are talking over £13,000! That said though the quality of it all really was worth it. Everything is still in beautiful condition, and is quite literally like the work was done less than a year ago.

The truck has covered 153,200 miles, and this is backed up by numerous past MOT's and expenditure. It is MOT'd till the 26th of August this year, and is 100% HPI Clear.
Been a Genuine V8 Station Wagon it is of course not affected by the London Emission Zone rulings so is all good to head into The Big Smoke! The V5 even states the Body Type as "Estate".

Genuine V8 Station Wagons really are few and far between, let alone ones in this sort of condition. The last one I sold less than a month ago resulted in no less than 10 people phoning me after the Auction telling me that they wished they had won the auction and that they would still want the truck if the buyer let me down. He did not of course and was absolutely delighted with it. If this is what you are after then don't leave it till its too late!!! I doubt that I will be able to find another this time!!!

Delivery can be arranged within reason at your expense, but PLEASE CALL ME PRIOR TO BIDDING TO DISCUSS!

I am going to request that you do not ask me If I have a "buy now price". I would like the auction to run till the end.

I think this covers everything, but do of course feel free to get in touch with any queries you might have.

We are based just outside the market town of Leominster in HEREFORDSHIRE, not Hertfordshire.

And last but not least, please please PLEASE only bid on the vehicle if you are a serious buyer and understand that when placing a bid that you are entering a legally binding contract.  I am a straight and honest Chap, so please return me the same courtesy!

If you have a Feedback rating of 10 or less, please could you send me an email prior to bidding or preferably give me a ring. I know this seems harsh but I am trying to run a business here not a circus!

Payment is to be made by Bank Transfer or Cash on Collection. Please DON'T pay with PayPal in your haste to own your new toy as this will cost me a small fortune in Fees!