Tuesday 17 March 2015

200TDI - GALVANISED CHASSIS - 1983 - 110 DEFENDER - Portsmouth

Sellers Notes

1983 110 defender
only 7,000 of these were manufactured
originally purchased for £2,500 ... 01/04/2003
-------------> from the forestry commision in N.Ireland
all the paperwork ... receipts ... mots etc ... available
it has been well looked after and serviced over the years
formerly in N.Ireland then scotland
and from 2007 to the present by chris fletcher
of F&R commercials land rover specialists in wickham
i have had done a lot of work to this vehicle
and the registration DIL 2556 has been valued at £600
the bad bits .
the body work is in need of attention
the driver and passenger doors need replaced
the bodycappings are in need of replacement
i have a full set of these already primed
and ready to be fitted
the bulkhead is showing some signs of fatigue
the clutch is squeaky
the good bits .
galvanised chassis .
august 2003 ... suspension lift and upgrade
old man emu supplied by devon 4x4
total cost £600
june 2006 ... 2.25 diesel ...
upgraded to 200 TDI engine ...
complete clutch assembly
power steering
anti roll bars
new radiator
brand new rear seats
and two brand new front high back seats
all leatherette
total cost £3,500
august 2007 ... recon gearbox
total cost ... £1,300
march 2008 ... 
5 x goodridge all terrain tyres
with black modular wheels
total cost £650
dec 2009 ...
reconditioned fuel pump
total cost £500
there is a spare 80 litre fuel tank
built in behind the rear seats
with spare tools (included)
and storage space
it was used for vegetable oil
the vegetable oil conversion is disconnected atm
but easily reconnected
if you wish to make use of it
total cost for conversion kit and fuel tank ...
theres a lot more work that has been done to keep the vehicle maintained
i will include a detailed list for the buyer
or mail me with any questions
this vehicle starts everytime
and has been so much fun
and very reliable over the 12 years i have owned it
only needs work done for upgrades
maintenence and when something wears out
main reason for selling ...
due to divorcing my cheating ex husband a few years ago,
i got the 110 as part of the break up
and as much as i dearly love the 110
i am a single parent with 3 children
and i can't keep up with the mechanics labour charges
and the cost of parts etc
i am not able to work on the vehicle in the way my ex husband used to
therefore  it is too expensive for me to keep on the road
my daughters and i will be sad to see it go
but hoping the person who buys it will continue to tend and care for it as we have ~x~
any questions please do not hesitate to ask
you are most welcome to come and view the vehicle
i am starting the bidding at £3,500
which is just £1000 more than what i originally paid for it
i need to buy good new bicycles for my 3 daughters and i with the sale proceeds
as you can see there has been thousands spent on this vehicle
and although it needs some bodywork done
the heart and soul of the vehicle is strong and healthy
best wishes and happy bidding
also included are 3 haynes manuals ...
haynes H600 restoration manual
haynes 3017 service and repair manual
haynes off road 4 wheel drive book
also 5 army green plastic jerry cans
which were used for veg oil
and the full set of bodycappings .
think thats all
oh yes ... there is an imobiliser switch which keeps the vehicle safe from opportunistic theft
i may be back to edit the listing over the next 10 days