Saturday 21 March 2015

For Sale £1995 - Land Rover - Series 3 Fitted with Perkins Prima Diesel - Tax Exempt

Has Current MOT till September 2015
Tax Exempt (Historic)
New Fuel Tank and Fuel Lines

However there are many good and bad points, this is a 42 year old landy after all.

It was due for Export, but the plaque riveted to the engine, with the engine number has come off, common on the prima if they are pressure washed or caught during work, so on the V5 the engine number is the old unit, bear this in mind if you were thinking of it for export.

Solid chassis though has been welded in the past as to be expected, Has been hand painted in the looks presentable, but defiantly a 10 footer maybe 20! if your eyes are good!
Does run and drive, not bad but as to be expected at 50mph you can't hear alot a pair of ear defenders are highly recommended!

Things In my opinion that will need attention-
Wiring really needs tiding up very messy!
Poor starting - only sometimes! can jump in and first turn bursts into life other times takes a while?!

**Biggest problem is the front propshaft/Diff the pinion bearing has collapsed and the prop is moving around alot! also the UJ at the gearbox end is worn, I would recommend removing the prop before using the vehicle, or we can deliver no problem**.

Roof canvas a bit tired

In summery its heavily on the side of a project and fixer upper, fun weekend or local run around especially with the roof off!
As work is required we have reflected this in the Price, viewing highly recommended Just off J29 M25 Essex