Saturday 21 March 2015

Classic Military Land Rover Series 3 109 - Northallerton

Bought about month ago and unfortunately the wife has told me in no uncertain terms that "that 'french expletive' thing isn't staying on my drive!"

Ignition has been converted to 12V, double immobilisor fitted for additional security. I have done nothing to the vehicle except replace several light bulbs but a great deal of work was done by previous owner costing in excess of £2000 including a new head gasket, exhaust and full service, with new carburetor, distributer leads and plugs fitted.

Mixture screws needs reseting as choke needs to be half way out all the time for vehicle to run well, and whilst the engine runs well the carburetor needs tweaking.

This had been purchased as a fun project to develop over the next few years but having received my marching orders I am forced to sell!