Sunday 22 March 2015

1984 Land Rover Defender 110 Pick Up, 2.25 Petrol, Very Good Condition - Location Brigg

For sale is my very early Land Rover 110 (27/3/84) with a 2.25 petrol engine.  110k miles, manual steering.  Feel free to make an offer.

It is probably the perfect first landrover for someone, or a great work truck.  It has very simple mechanics, hardly anything complicated e.g. power steering, and the parts are dirt cheap.  I bought it in December 2013.  In its previous life it had been a security vehicle at Southend Airport, and had been rescued from being scrapped by a member of Suffolk Land Rover club after it had been left abandoned in a compound.  Because airports don't use salt the majority of the chassis and bulkhead were in very good condition for it's age.  The work done includes:

·         New Rear cross member
·         New petrol tank
·         Repair to the passenger foot well
·         Repair to driver foot well
·         Passenger upper bulkhead corner replaced and repair made to the drivers side too
·         Brand New Carb,
·         Front of the dumb irons rebuilt
·         New steering damper
·         All new indicator stalks and switches
·         New door locks
·         New clutch master and slave cylinders and new fluid
·         New HT leads
·         Oil Change
·         New lower speedo cable
·         New seats
·         New mud flaps
·         New radiator grill
·         Replaced Steering Arm ball joint
·         Replaced front shocks and installed galvanised turrets
·         Replaced front flexi hoses and changed brake fluid
·         New thermostat and also housing hose.
·         New coolant
·         New spark plugs, points, condenser and coil
·         Oil and filter change
·         Adjust tappets and new rocker cover gasket
·         New Bosch Battery
·         Gearbox oil and filter change
·         Transfer box oil change
·         Steering box oil change
·         New rear lights
·         New number plate light
·         New trailing arm chassis bushes
·         Adjust rear drum brakes
·         New upper speedo cable
·         Adjust all wheel bearings and fit new hub caps
·         New fuel pump
·         New door seals
·         New tailgate stays, brackets and antiluce cotters
·         Soundproofed doors and roof

The land Rover had a full service in December 2014 at a 4x4 specialist, including oil change, oil filter, new fuel filter, new spark plugs, new fan belt and new wiper blades.  Other work included stripping of the near side front hub to take play out of the wheel bearing, remove thin shim out of near side front top swivel pin to remove play and the supply and fitting of a new manifold gasket.

The MOT was carried out at the same time as the service (expires 4 December 2015).  One advisory was issued – 001 Offside front axle swivel joint has slight movement between a swivel joint and its housing.  The MOT tester did comment that for the age of the vehicle you could not do anything to improve this further.  He also commented that the vehicle was in excellent condition for its age.

It is a solid land rover and I would jump in it and drive it anywhere.  I have driven it from Lincolnshire to Aberdeen and back (400 miles each way!) with no issues.  The only reason it is for sale is because I am moving abroad with work and it cannot come with me.

Being a 2.25 petrol it is not the fastest, although it is lower geared than v8’s or tdi’s so has no problem keeping up with traffic, it will happily cruise at 60 on country roads it and I have had it to 70mph on the motorway

Obviously it is not a new car, it is a 30 year old work vehicle, and there are some unfinished jobs and little “projects” that I would do if I was going to keep it.  These would be:
Dash is a little rough looking, it has marks and a few holes from where kit was mounted at the airport.  It still sports a “call sign Sparks 6” sticker which is left on for history!
The paint job looks pretty good, but was done with roller, brush and spray can, so it not perfect or in showroom condition.  It has a few knocks and dents, but it is a 30 year old Land Rover!!
Would probably be eligible for export, although I will only sell to someone who will collect themselves and hand me the funds in the time frame listed below.

If you wanted it would be prime for a Tdi conversion should you wish.

Boring stuff:  Winning bidder must make contact with a phone number within 24 hours of auction end.  Payment is cash on collection only, no exceptions.  It is sold as seen. Viewings are welcome before the auction ends.  Collection must be within 7 days of the auction ending or I will relist.