Tuesday 3 March 2015

Land Rover Series 2a 1962 body off rebuild, New MOT

Land Rover Series 2a 1962 body off rebuild, New MOT

Sellers Comments
I bought this vehicle three years ago as a rolling project. My original intention was to patch it up for fun. But after a few months I decided to change tack. Here was a car that had had an extremely hard working life and too many worn or incorrect components to simply throw it back together.  And since I was now going the whole rebuild route why not have a near impossible objective of retaining all the car's historic features and authenticy whilst trying to build in a bit more longevity than usual?  I still didn't want the nice shiney facsimile which seems to be the outcome from so many commercial rebuilds. I wanted the car to end up a genuine item still telling it's story. So, three years and over £6,000 worth of parts later, it's still got some dents and dings and imperfections. I think it's entitled to them.

It's also got:
-  MOT from 3 March. No advisories
-  heavy duty galvanised chassis
-  rebuilt galvanised bulkhead with heavy duty footwells to original pattern.
-  new galvanised fuel tank
-  galvanised remanufactured front panel
-  totally rebuilt tub floor with all new ribs and rails and a thicker floor plate.
-  professional remanufactured clutch operating mechanism, fitted with stainless steel sleeve to minimise future wear
-  professionally rebuilt original radiator with new core
-  fully rebuilt axles front and rear with quality bearings and seals
-  four new British-made road springs with Armstrong shocks
-  new Mintex brake shoes, pistons, and refurbed original combined brake/clutch fluid reservoir
-  new OEM swivels fitted with old school leather gaiters
-  rebuilt doors with new skins, seals and new door tops with plastic window runners
-  new heavy duty, higher output dynamo
-  new Land Rover battery
-  professionally rebuilt original wiper motors
-  new wiring loom
-  new screen washers
-  professionally rebuilt period Clayton heater (yes, that's the one that works!)
-  rebuilt seat bench
-  galvanised front wing struts
-  new inner wing panels
- full set new Automec copper brake pipes with stainless front flexies
-  period catflap and tailgate with complete set of fittings and new lock
-  set of five refurbed SWB wheels in bronze green for fitting tyres of your choice.
  ( At present she's running on LWB slave wheels with good winter tyres).
-  new water pump fitted. Timing cover removed and the usual rusted bolts removed (eventually!) and replaced with new
-  period sidelights and indicators ( with hazard flashers)
- new Lucas replica headlamps of the period
- new towhitch
- refurbed MAP free wheel hubs
- stainless steel inserts in place of rotted ends of rear panels on each side of tailgate
- seat belts
- door and wing mirros
- body fitted with new plated bolts throughout (not metric!)
- refurbed siderails and correct deep sills

The engine is pretty much as was apart from the work on timing cover. Starts well and runs fine. No smoke, equal compression. Been serviced with new plugs, leads, points, coil etc.
Clutch and gearbox are also unmolested apart from rebuilding of the original clutch operating mechanism. There are still some minor issues: the fuel guage sort of works but not properly and the engine overheat thermostat sticks, with the red light on (so I've disconnected it pending finding a replacement). There's a minor rain leak under the windscreen - despite new seals. Paintwork looks better in the pix as usual but is OK.

The vehicle comes with a photographic record of the rebuild and a seriously huge pile of bills. I stopped counting a while back.There's also a letter from Land Rover confirming the original delivery of vehicle. It's registered as a "Station Tractor". Was apparently used off the public road for first 20 years of it's life and was off again for the past 10 years, presumably awaiting rescue.

Vehicle is available for inspection. This is strongly recommended. Despite the extent of the work it should be realised that this is still an old used vehicle of an old design for old style motoring ( eg no synchro on first 2 gears, slight bit of steering wander, bit of oil on floor ( despite new seals, that's how it is with these motors). Keeping this car will always require a bit of effort and it offered as a work in progress. But hopefully the work so far will ensure it's survival for a good while yet. As you can imagine this is a reluctant sale after so much work but I've got way behind with other projects that are now becoming urgent so it unfortunately has to go.

Complete overdrive kit available at extra cost.