Saturday 25 April 2015

Landrover Lightweight 1970 land rover V8 4.6cc three speed auto 300BHP

Landrover Lightweight

1970 land rover V8 4.6cc three speed auto 300BHP

I will try and cover everything and if I miss anything out I will add it later.
This rover lightweight was built in 1970 and is road tax free it was used I guess in the forces? then registered with dvla in 1979 giving it a 'T' registration.
I have owned the lightweight for around two years the previous owner had it for nineteen years and the revamp was his creation!
here is a list of some of the changes..
Engine is a 4.6 v8 with a cross bolted block believed to be out of a classic range rover? has a edelbrock carb and 4 in to 2 in to 1 manifolds that eventually exit the rear via x2 big bore silencers. The wheels are classic range rover with like new general grabbers.
 The gear box is a borg warner model 66 three speed auto box attached to the transfer box via a Ashcroft conversion.
The axels are from a classic range rover comprising of 3.54 diffs 10 spline and the luxury of disc brakes all round and range rover split braking system each calliper has x4 pistons and stops in a straight line on the button! it also has a high capacity radiator with a kenlowe electric fan and it all works well.
The engine starts fine and runs really well with NO knocks rattles or smoke, The gear box has had a new sump gasket due to an annoying slow drip and new oil and filter fitted at the same time.
Jobs known to be required if new owner wishes to sort them are rear diff pinion oil seal easy job really just not had the time new seal  will be provided also slight drip on transfer box but all in all its a landy.
Chassis wise its had some repair to the rear cross member but looks ok, also 3 new outriggers and two repaired also front floors have been plated but overall for a 45 year old its certainly not new but also not in bad order.
Driving wise 'well' its not a kids toy! lt will poodle along as it should but squeeze the peddle and hold on! it has to be driven with respect and its a real head turner.
insurance cost me £138 per year with all modifications noted.
The truth is I have to many projects and its been a hard and sad decision to sell.

Any way please only bid if you are a genuine buyer no door step hagglers.
No test pilots or this is my mate he's a mechanic!