Wednesday 15 April 2015

Land Rover Series 2a SWB 1965, 200tdi , Disc Brakes , Overdrive , - Daily Driver

Sellers Comments

For sale is this rather special, everyday usable series land rover. Before listing the details and specifications of this vehicle I will give a bit of background information.

This vehicle was rebuilt by a qualified engineer and lifelong series land rover fanatic, and incorporates details not often seen on others.

This is one of 2 land rovers I own, the other is built to very similar specification, but it has been my only car since the age of 17 so I will never sell it. The land rover for sale was bought as a project for myself and my father and has now been complete and in use for just under a year.

I will be sad to see it go, but my series land rover obsession sees me wanting to build a series 1 next and as this one is very similar to my other Series 2a, so it doesn't get used as much as it deserves, so I am offering it for sale to fund a series 1 build!

The basis of this vehicle is a 1965 Tax Exempt Series 2A SWB, ex-military, full hard top with 5 previous owners, It finished its military use in 1973.

It has been fully rebuilt with Galvanised bulkhead, front panel, floor supports a 200Tdi engine, Disc brakes, overdrive, and many new parts. I will list its specification in bullet points to make it easy to read through:

·       200Tdi engine – These are a fantastic engine and extremely well matched to this vehicle, and are one of the key points to making these vehicles suitable for daily use. I bought a 200tdi discovery that had only covered 140 thousand miles as a donor for this, so I could be sure it was in good condition. Before fitment it was fitted with new OEM timing belt, tensioner and idler pulleys and new water pump. So this engine will be good for many thousands of miles to come. Another huge plus point of these engines is that the vehicle can now easily return 35mpg. The engine is fitted with a temperature sender that allows the original series gauge to be retained and an electric cooling fan has been fitted with a manual switch. This allows you to accurately monitor engine temp and switch the fan on, on the rare occasion that it is needed. A new radiator and oil cooler of the discovery type have been fitted in very neatly, and look to be factory fitted, this if a great improvement over keeping the original series radiator, as it incorporates an oil cooler that is required for the turbo. This had been combined with an authentic brass header tank from an early range rover. Please see the photos, but all this adds up to a very neat and authentic looking engine bay, while actually being hugely updated. Please note the engine has a 300tdi top cover fitted to help reduce engine sound, this can easily be taken off in a few seconds if you don't like the look of it. A discovery intercooler has also been fitted to make the most out of the Tdi power and economy.

·         Disc Brakes (front) – With the Tdi engine I would consider this to be a necessary upgrade, and missing from so many 200Tdi conversions. I have fitted the Wild Industries conversion kit, as this kit makes use of standard land rover callipers and discs, so future parts availability will be both easy and cheap. When fitting this kit I purchased new Lockheed (OEM) front callipers and also replaced the rear drums with new cylinders and shoes. But it doesn't end there, the entire braking system has been redone using a Defender master cylinder and Servo coupled to a series 3 pedal box and new copper nickel brake lines with brass fittings throughout. So visual authenticity is maintained from the driving position but the performance is modern. You will notice the defender servo fitment in the engine bay photo, this has been neatly fitted to a series 3 pedal box, meaning the wing does not need to be trimmed more than a standard series servo fitment, but performance is greatly improved. The brakes are truly fantastic on this vehicle and are one of its best points.

 Stainless steel Exhaust – Fitted with a full stainless exhaust from the turbo to the tail pipe, following the original route. The downpipe has been custom made from large diameter stainless tube to give maximum performance and long lifespan. This is another feature that sets this vehicle apart from many others.

·         Gearbox – The original gearbox has been replaced with a series 3 type from a 1982 vehicle, making it one of the most modern series boxes available. The series 3 gearbox benefits from having synchromesh on all forward gears making this vehicle much easier to drive.

·         Clutch – A new OEM 9.5” clutch plate and cover have been fitted, I have fitted the stronger 8 spring type clutch plate which should make it much more robust than the more common 6 spring type (Another detail not often considered). The clutch master cylinder and piping have also been replaced with new.

·         Fairey Overdrive – It is fitted with a fairy overdrive that is in very good condition and correctly fitted with anti-scuff paste. These are notorious for having a whine, but this one is surprisingly quiet. I chose the overdrive over fitting 3.54 ratio diffs as it offers the same top end speed/performance without sacrificing low speed performance. 3.54 diffs really do sacrifice performance in low ratio, and I didn't want to do that.  With the overdrive this vehicle cruises nicely at 55-60mph and is capable of much more.

·         Galvanised Bulkhead – Bulkheads are probably the most rust prone part on these vehicles so by galvanising it is preserved as well as possible. The original bulkhead was professionally repaired using correct ribbed foot wells and period details, it was then hot dipped galvanised in a purpose made jig to prevent it from warping, before being etch primed and painted to look original.

·         Galvanised front panel – As per bulkhead

·         Galvanised Tub supports – Another rust prone part now well preserved for a long service life.

·         Chassis – The original chassis has been professionally repaired, all rust areas have been cut out and replaced with new metal. It was then painted in rust preventing polyurethane paint and sprayed on the inside with wax oil using a purpose made tool. So this chassis is fit for a long service life.

·         Parabolic springs - Fitted with 2 leaf front, 3 leaf rear parabolic springs (GME) and pro comp ES300 dampers, as well as new u bolts and bushes. This combination gives a nice supple ride, whilst retaining the series land rover feel.

·         Sound deadening/interior – I have fitted the Wright off road / Exmoor trim moulded floor matting, this makes the interior very neat and also helps a lot with sound insulation. Please note the matting has been cut for fitment of a round smiths heater, but I do not have one fitted. The engine side of the bulkhead had been fitted with waterproof foam to help with sound and heat insulation. The rear floor and rear door have been lined with a hard rubber matting for practicality and sound insulation. It has the series 3 type deluxe seats fitted which I find to be very comfortable whilst retaining the authentic appearance. I also have a pair of tip up seats for the rear, I have not fitted these, but they can be included if required. The dash has been fitted with a rebuilt speedometer and odometer, and is very accurate and has a steady needle.  The Other gauges have also been serviced and are working as they should.

·         Aluminium door tops – Fitted with the military style aluminium door tops with 2 sliding panels, these solve the rust problems of standard door tops and make it easy to adjust your wing mirrors.

·         Wheels and tyres – fitted with wolf wheels painted in limestone to match the roof and 235 85 16 BF Goodrich tyres. The front tyres are BFG all-terrain and have covered less than 500 miles, the rear tyres are BFG Trac Edge and are older, but still have plenty of tread left. The spare wheel does not match and is a modular wheel with a Colway tyre (same pattern as BGF all-terrain).

·         Registration and V5 – This has been correctly updated with the new engine number, capacity and fuel type, So all is as it should be and will only require a straightforward change of keeper. It has a current MOT until –5th August 2015 and it is of course tax exempt. It has no problems sailing through the MOT and the inspectors have been very impressed by it during the test, and were blown away by the braking performance.

·         Bodywork – This was built to be a usable vehicle but also look authentic, so it has been resprayed in pastel green and limestone, but please note I am not a fan of body filler (especially on old land rovers) so I have retained all the original dents, so it retains its character and well used appearance.

      Other - I will supply this vehicle with a list of the parts used in it's various updates, this will make it easy for the future owner to source parts in the long run, and make maintenance very straightforward. As i have previously mentioned all the updates to this vehicle have used Land Rover parts, so sourcing parts will be both easy and cheap, not that they will be needed for a very long time, as most things are new OEM! I can also supply a comprehensive collection of photos from the rebuild.

I have tried my best to describe all the details, but there are many more that I have not mentioned, so please look through the photos and feel free to ask any questions you like. Viewing by arrangement is very welcome and test driving is fine as long as you bring insurance, or I can take you for a drive in it if not.

I have included photos from the rebuild as well as some during use more recently, so you can see the make-up of this vehicle. It is currently fitted with a full hardtop as shown in some of the photos.

Please note this is an old land rover and despite all the updates, modifications and refinements it is still a very basic vehicle and is by no means a perfect modern car, it is for the enthusiast that wants a usable classic, built to a very high mechanical standard.

You are bidding to buy, I am a private seller so cannot offer any warranty. This vehicle is sold as seen.

Sold with no reserve, as this land rover speaks for itself in terms of value, usability and quality of updated parts.

This is also advertised elsewhere so I withhold the right to withdraw it from this auction.

Cash on collection or Bank transfer preferred.