Monday 6 April 2015

Land Rover Series 2a - 1966 - fantastic rust free vehicle in top condition

A fantastic, restored 1966 series 2a rebuilt on a galvanised chassis and with a new bulkhead.

Tax free historic vehicle

12 months MOT

£90 per year to insure

My father bought this beautiful series 2a in 1997 and had it professionally rebuilt on a galvanised chassis and converted it to an Perkins Turbo diesel, and then added a Fairey Overdrive around 2001 for better economy, power and usability. I believe this rover engine replacement is recognised by the land rover club. He also has the springs replaced with parabolic springs, a rear galvanised cross member, galvanised bump, the brakes overhauled, the electrics, and much, much more restored and improved until it was in near perfect condition. He then gave me the land rover in 2006 to carry on the good work. Since then I have meticulously improved it to what it is now; replacing the old rotten bulkhead, the new hood, and much more. Serviced every year with regular oil changes and greased everywhere to keep it as corrosion free as possible. Every time a nut is changed, it is replaced with stainless. Every improvement is done to the best standard I can.

A fully functional series 2a. Yes, it has signs of wear and tear and some areas of corrosion for example the bottom of the drivers door and the odd bump and imperfection, and yes, it has variations from its original state to improve it such as the position of the wing mirrors. But all the important things are in tip top condition and the result is great Land Rover which has had exceptional care and renovation over the last 20 years and a vehicle which will go on for many many more.. It has not be reconditioned for a quick buck as so many other have. Everything works as it should or better. There is a bit of smoke only whilst the engine is still cold but otherwise nothing to worry about. I have receipts for most of the work carried out over the years and MOTs going back to 1997.
Other than drives over muddy fields to set out school cross-country runs and for the odd camping trip it has not done any serious off-roading.

It has 3 previous owners; one being my father. I was told by my dad it was ex-military but am not sure about this. It was, I think, once sand coloured – see photo of original paint under the bonnet tyre mount.

Reason for sale – sadly It is not being used other than for brief runs just for the sake of it as I have a new Land Rover Defender 110 county station wagon which I love but the wife does not like driving and wants a 'runabout' for shopping trips about town! She says it is not fair that I have two and so one must go!

The Land Rover is kept in the dry in Llandovery, Wales. It has spent much of the last 20 years inside.
Viewing encouraged, test drives recommended with appropriate insurance. If you’re new to the world of series Land Rovers; don’t expect a smooth, quiet and effortless drive!

• 1966 Land Rover 88” early Series 2a in deep bronze green
• Hand painted since a profession re-spray
• Professionally rebuilt on a galvanised chassis
• Galvanised rear cross-member and front bumper
• Professionally replaced bulkhead 2008
•  Prima Perkins 2.0TDI conversion
• Inter cooler
• New clutch and bottom crank oil seal 2014
• Top-end engine overhaul – injectors, fuel lift pump, decoked, rebuilt
• Fairey Overdrive
• Stainless exhaust
• Parabolic springs
• Gas Shock absorbers
• Free wheeling hubs
• Much of the wiring loom has been updated
• Heater overhauled with new £200 Clayton heater matrix do the heater work
• Kenlow dual speed electronic fan
• Anti-burst door locks
• Amazon Technic tyres with loads of tread left and with a new Deestone spare in rear tub
• USB power sockets x 2  and 12v socket panel
• New water temp gauge and recent water pump replacement
• Adjustable height tow hitch and electrics
• New Exmoor trim canvas
• Newish alternator
• Several tins of Waxoyl sprayed on every year
• Props are relatively new
• Upgraded brake servo for better breaking
• 12 months MOT
• Adjustable hight tow hitch
• Push button start
• New battery

Any questions, please email.

Also included in sale

• Spare Prima Perkins engine from a Montego van - although this will need collecting from my father’s house in Devon at some point.
• Rear bench seats also at my father’s house in Devon
• G-Shock Radio controlled watch on dash