Sunday 12 April 2015

Land Rover series 2/3, defender, discovery series 2/3 nut n bolt re-build reg 1960 tax exempt

Hi here we have for sale my Land Rover Faith, she was born May 27th 1960 and had a happy life until going into an untimely retirement in the 1980s/90s then sat unloved and battered with a younger sibling a early 80s series 3 ( that I used for parts,)   until I acquired them both in 2007 where upon I set to work striping them down but had to put off her re-birth for a number of years due to work commitments etc, But finally Faith was re-born and got her M O T in 2014 complete with a heart transplant a sweet Discovery 200 tdi with just 111000 miles service , I have had to think long and hard about putting her up for sale as she is like my baby I know every nut and bolt in her.anyway here's what's been done if I can remember it all!
200 tdi with new starter motor, lift pump, and fitted with new cam belt and pulleys, new 200 tdi radiator silicone hose's and full exhaust from Steve Parker.
New galvanized chassis (Richards) treated with Dinitrol cavity wax
New gear box from David Beaumont Halifax (all new internals)
Over drive (not fitted)
 New bulk head a td5 defender unit jigged up and  altered with series foot wells etc and treated with dinitrol cavity wax,
New wiring harness from auto sparks inc all new light pigtails etc, 12 volt sockets etc etc
Kenlow fan,
All new lights (also L E D high level brake lights/ indicators/ driving lights an back)
All new brake parts, braided hose's, copper pipe's, unions, etc L W B fronts,
Re-built axle's all new seals bearings,
New swivel's seals and bearing's
New Parabolic springs,
New Pro comp shock's,
Defender td5 heater (so it work's)
Defender front seat's with series center seat and four de luxe rears,
Re-built tub (with new x members and checker plate lined etc), and seat box battery under passenger seat new battery,
New door top's and bottom's frame's treated with dinitrol cavity wax A1 rear door (dinitrol)
Body panels flatted right back etch primed/primed and top coats,
All axle's etc (metal work) shot blasted etch primed/primed/and several top coats of paint,
Five new supper mud pluggers on disco steel wheels (shot blasted in and out etch primed/primed top coats)
Five B F Goodrich trac edge's on black painted modular wheels see pic's
 And the list go's on and on with new nut's bolt's, paint etc etc etc etc etc, I haven't totted it all up but I think I'm into this for about knocking on 20k  let alone the man hour's in labour with a dremil getting into all the little nooks and crannie's getting thing's back to bare metal,!!
2 spare diffs, full set half shafts few other bits n bobs, £8'500 ( ONO) consider sensible offer txt etc 07591085321
Please no tyre kickers only bid if you want to buy no haggling after auction, £200 pay-pal deposit within 24 hrs auction end, Thanks for looking