Monday 13 April 2015

1976 LAND ROVER 88" Series 3 Project Classic Diesel

1976 LAND ROVER 88" Series 3 Project Classic Diesel Petrol

1976 Series 3 88 SWB Diesel Land Rover.  THIS IS A PROJECT!

I bought this before Easter with the intention of spending the next 12 months gradually rebuilding it.  I then went on holiday, unexpectedly found a property that we want to buy and work on, and I have to accept that I will not be able to complete this in the time that I have, hence the sale.  It is not a willing sale but my wife (as usual!) is correct in saying I cannot do both.


This is a sound little project for the right person. It is already partly stripped (it would not take that long to have it down to a rolling chassis) and comes with many of the parts needed to complete.
While the chassis does need a few patches (see pics) it is certainly not a basket case and is pretty solid.  The bulkhead is also quite salvageable.  The seat box is a replacement from an ex-MoD FFR vehicle, and I also have a pair of wings from an FFR to go with it.
The Landy come with TWO engines.  An original diesel unit, and an ex-MoD 8:1 compression 2.25 petrol (engine number confirms this) which being painted blue suggests it has been reconditioned in MoD workshop in the past.  Neither is in the vehicle and so you have the choice which to put back in.  Personally I would have gone for the petrol which turns over nicely by hand, but your call, obviously!
The gearbox is fitted, the brakes seem to work, and the vehicle has Superwinch free-wheeling hubs fitted as a bonus.  There is a spare (non-Lux) bonnet and a spare windscreen as well.
The tyres hold pressure although personally I would replace them before an MoT (fine to have the vehicle on while restoring!).
The rear tub is a little rough around the edges but could certainly be sorted out.  The rear crossmember has a couple of dings in it but once again it fundamentally solid.
In essence, this is a great blank canvas.  My plan was to rebuild it as a petrol truck cab (I thought in Masai Red!) but that dream will have to wait for another time.

The Landy will need to be collected and I also suggest that a crane or "heavy mob" might be useful for shifting the engines.  I am afraid that I have neither the car nor trailer to move this myself so cannot deliver.

The price is only what I paid for it, and I think I got a very good deal!  Series 3 values are on the rise and this would be a great investment.  Please do come and look for yourself to check this is the right project for you, but if you know your Land Rovers and have read this far, you probably know already!

Please ask any questions you have and I will do what I can to answer.  The V5 will be in my name (currently being process by DVLA) but I do have the new keeper supplement.  I am happy to take a deposit (returnable) if you want to wait for the V5 before collection, or it can be sent on.

Cash on collection preferred, please.