Sunday 26 April 2015

1960 LAND ROVER 88" series 2 swb 200di - Requires a couple of bits of TLC for the MOT, Had a chassis up rebuild

It is with a heavy heart I have to list my Series 2 for sale. I have run out of time to work on it and I need to spend more time with my family rather than in the garden working on the Land Rover. I bought just over a year ago with the knowledge I was going to have to replace the Perkins engine. As I removed the engine I discovered hidden and disguised rust and as I removed more of the front panels to get access to it I found more and more so before I knew it I was left with a bare chassis and a pile of Land Rover.

The chassis went into the metalsmith instructors on the camp  I was based on at the time and it was welded from front to rear. At the same time I bought the worlds rustiest 200tdi discovery for its engine. I removed the turbo and fitted a 2.5 N/A defender exhaust manifold to allow it to mate up to a brand new standard series exhaust, while the engine was out I also modified the flywheel housing to make it mate up to the series gearbox via a brand new clutch. There is a bit of a leak from the rear main seal. I also rewired it completely, changing the single fuse for two blade fuse boxes. I added a new ignition barrel as the old one was a bit temperamental and a Defender temperature gauge.

The bulkhead also turned out to be a long way from savable and so was swapped for one requiring slightly less work. it was at this point I also started the colour change from blue to yellow. I added roof sides with windows fitted. An electric fan was fitted to the front panel, which was also repaired, there is a Kenelowe fan controller but as I haven't had a chance to test it I have it fitted directly to a switch on the dashboard.

It was previously fitted with a twin leading shoe set up from a long wheelbase Land Rover and when I fitted the engine I exchanged the master cylinder for one from a Long wheelbase which has a servo connected to the vacuum pump on the engine. These brakes have been one of my major headaches, I haven't been able to get them adjusted correctly and is one of the reasons for the failed MOT. I have fitted brand new cylinders, shoes and front link pipes, also when I was rebuilding it all of the brake pipes were made up brand new.

The other issue preventing me from getting an MOT is it is running a little bit smokey which I believe is mostly due to the fact it has been sat without having a good drive for a long time. The other points mentioned on the MOT failure sheet I have remedied, wiring tidy up and the rear light not working. The tiny bit of welding that was required has also been done.

it is fitted with a smiths heater but this failed today and so I have bypassed it but it is still fitted.

I have put a lot into this Land Rover and if I didnt need a vehicle on the road I wouldn't be selling it but now my wife has gone back to work I need something capable of carrying me and my three kids at least!

I have started it at £2000 and I do have a figure in mind which I would end the auction for but this could be negotiable and is not set in stone.

I am in Emsworth in Hampshire. I will answer any questions you have.