Sunday 19 April 2015


Jake Wright

Independant Land Rover specialists

For 40 years

We have gained experience from everyday servicing as well as safari preparation and have satisfied customers worldwide

Here we have for sale -

A 1957 Series One 88" or "short wheelbase" land rover.

An ideal restoration project .

The vehicle is more or less complete just as it arrived.

Previously owned by a land rover enthusiast and then out of use for some years.

Series 1 80" land rovers are now getting out of reach for most enthusiasts due to collectors and investors pushing up the prices and so these slightly later models are the next best thing in the ever rising classic car market as have been shown on recent TV programmes.

The body is mostly very straight with only small scratches and dents which are to be expected.

Originally built as a petrol engined vehicle this one was converted to a land rover series diesel engine some years ago for economy reasons.

The engine has been running and it runs extremely clean and looks like it could be a reconditioned unit judging by the colour.

The chassis will need work including a rear x member and some outriggers, etc which are all available commercially.

The bulkhead will also need work or replacement and these are also available.

We have the V5 registration document in our name and the vehicle will retain its number.

All in all this will make a very nice project.