Wednesday 10 February 2016

Landrover Series 3 200 tdi, overdrive, tax free

Sellers Comments - Hi up fore sale is my landrover series 3 200 tdi with overdrive, 1 years MOT, 10 months tax, also tax free. This is my daily driver, I done 320 mile trip in it and it never missed a beat, and averaged over 30 MPG, Please see photos I have a lot of old mots and history receipts, I totalled them up and in the last few years it comes to £3900 spent on the landy, One receipt was for £1249.33,which was to fit the 200 tdi plus, new clutch, new timming belt,plus other things, I will list just a few other things that I have receipts for but not all as I will be here all night, new fuel tank,replace all brakes, new battery, alternator belt, full service, heater plugs, new shockers, new steering bars track rod ends, new alternator, Five new wheels, four new goodyear tyres, other type new tyre for spare, total cost over £600, the list goes on and on, I have all the paper work in my name, two sets of keys, all the locks work fine it drives really well for a landrover of this age, its only for sale as I always wanted one but its just to agricultural for me, now the not so good things, its bean hand painted a few times and to be honest its shit it looks better in the pics, but still ok for a old landy, there are some dings and scratches age related again its a old landy the speedo doesn't work, but the fuel and temp work fine, the heater matrix has bean bypassed but it only needs a little bit of solder to stop the very small weep easy fix, it has the normal landy oil leak for the transmission as they all do, the bulkhead has bean welder in the past, the chassis has only had small bit of welding, the rear cross member has got a few bit of welding on it but its still all strong, there's lots of years left in this old girl, they go for ever, and you can get parts for theses any were cheap, to some it up, a very good cheap to insure landy good mpg looks ok for its age.


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