Wednesday 3 February 2016

Exceptionally rare Land Rover Centaur Military Half Track P6

In general: Land Rover was half Stage1 and half light tank. The front end was all Solihull's finest but the rear was a shortened version of the Scorpion light tank tracked bogie. The resulting half-track had a very high payload and formidable off-road potential but didn't attract military orders, so the project was stopped in 1980.

Engine V8 petrol 3.5 litre 132 bhp at 5000rpm, 185 lbft at 2500 Ignition: coil, 12 Volts Differentials 3, positive lock on inter axle differential. The front differential is a standard Steering Burman recirculating Ball Brakes Front: Hydraulic drums Rear: Inboard discs, each with twin calipers front and rear, servo assisted Suspension Semi-elliptic leaf springs/coils, track: each wheel independent torsion bar Track MoD design, light steel with bonded rubber road pads and central horn, tensioning by hydraulic ram on rear idler wheel, 14 tooth twin sprockets (all available from the CVR(T) Tracked APC) Weight Unladen: 3880 kg, Laden: 6970 kg

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