Monday 29 February 2016

1975 Land Rover Series 3 109 *Ex Royal Navy*

Sellers Comments - 1975 Land Rover 109 Ex Royal Navy (soon to be tax exempt) This vehicle seems to have been a working Navy vehicle, possibly a fire tender of some type. This is a fantastic vehicle. It is currently MOT'ed and running. The head gasket has been replaced and the head has been fully reworked, with new valves and guides and stem seals. A new water pump has also been fitted. It does however require the deisel pump setting up as it smokes. There have been a few repairs on the chassis, but no major rust. The front wheel bearings have been replaced along with new drive flanges. The interior has been put back to standard after so terrible seats where installed as well as loads of carpet which has been removed. All the electrics have been sorted and work well. There will be a small box of parts to go along with the vehicle.


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