Monday 1 February 2016

Landrover series 1 one, part restored original 2l engine

Sellers Comments - Shes a part restored series one, she has the original series one engine fitted it is a good runner but the sumps currently removed to fit a new sump gasket which is included. has the original gear box which turns freely and selects all gears. It has a rot free chassis painted in black, the axles and springs are also painted black. fitted with new poly bushes all round, partly fitted with a new auto sparks loom. Good leak free fuel tank, new brake lines rebuilt master cylinder - no brakes need filling with fluid. roof not bolted down as has to be lifted off to fit in my garage. Full v5 present, although it has the wrong engine down on the v5 needs changing over. no props fitted but included boxes full of new and used parts original starting handle The paint has been scratched in storage and has peeled in two places where something has been spilled on it and the front left wing has some runs the panels have a few dents which were painted over to keep its character but is fairly straight. has a full set of new tyres some fitted the rest are in the back, set of 4 series 1 split rims. full new exhaust and new manifold from Cradocks most parts are there to complete

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