Saturday 6 February 2016

Land Rover Series 3 III 88 Short Wheel Base Station Wagon Diesel 1972 Tax Exempt

Sellers Comments - For auction is my Land Rover Series 3, 88 inch project. This vehicle was owned around 13 years ago by my brother, when it stopped working. The cause was investigated, and as far as I'm aware the timing was done and a new refurbished CAV pump fitted, to no avail. Earlier this year I pulled this up from the back of the compound it was stored in for 12 years and have been tinkering on and off since. The culprit appeared to be the distributor / injector pump bush grub screw, which had come loose and has now been re-centred with the bush and tightened. Much to my surprise, I've had it running now and drove it up and down the drive. I also fitted a brand new radiator and radiator hoses. I know fairly little about the history of the truck, I believe it had a new gearbox prior to its engine trouble, and the engine itself has a plate affixed to the side reading 'remanufactured by the rover co factory, solihull' with a part number and engine number - as such, the block itself doesn't have the engine number in the usual place, rather it's the engine number from the plate on the block. Most of the wiring seems to be either intact or halfway to being re-wired, though I've had to put the stop solenoid on top of the CAV pump onto a separate switch to make sure it was working. There are a few lenses missing, but I'm sure I can find some later lenses to replace these which I'll happily throw in. Body-wise, most of the panels are fairly straight, though the right hand wing has a small knock at the front, and the left hand wing side is pushed in a little. The doors aren't great, though I've got a pair of better doors I was intending to fit myself. The interior is very sparse, though again all appears to be there. There's a pair of bench seats in the back with slightly higher backs than normal so the bases actually fold underneath the seat, rather than up against it as the later ones do. The brakes seem to work, and it looks like its got freewheeling front hubs. Very desirable! The chassis is in need of some attention to the rear quarter and front parts of the rails, and the bulkhead footwells need patching or replacing - you can see from one of the pictures where the footwell's suffering. This would make a lovely restoration project - it's definitely not one of these '99% there, just needs a little TLC' trucks that people advertise. I've been as honest as I can, and hope that the pictures show enough of the truck. My reason for selling, and believe me, I'd rather not sell it, is that I'm relocating to a whole different part of the country and will have absolutely no room to store this or work on it. As such, I'd like for this to be gone on the weekend of the 13th/14th February, or possibly the week after if I can arrange it with the winning bidder around my moving stuff to and fro, though that'll be far more difficult. Again, I will stress that this truck has no MOT, and you'll need a trailer or similar to take it away on. I've applied to the DVLA for a new V5, which should be turning up within the next week. Once it's arrived I can put the vehicle in the winning bidders name. Cash on collection, collect from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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