Sunday 7 February 2016

Classic landrover SWB 1968' series 2, 2 1/4 petrol, cream, tax free, classic ins

Sellers Comments - Hi all, I'm selling my series 2 landrover after 6 years, only problem in that time the 1/2 shaft snapped otherwise never missed a beat but we only do 3-400 miles a year in her ( the family call her "Dinky" because of her reg number) The engine has always rattled (top end I think) on the overrun when warm, quiet on accelerating or decelerating but it's never bothered us as we don't go too far, she I first bought her I spent £400 on her for her first MOT (no welding was needed) and she has passed every year since. I havnt bothered this year as she needs tyres and bits and pieces, and as someone will probably want to restore her, I decided not to spend any money on her, good luck bidding. Please phone Pat on 07710741122 if you want to come and view.

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