Sunday 21 February 2016

1962 LAND ROVER BLACK Hybrid Series

In december 2007 it was re-chassis with a galvanised chassis keeping the wheel distance to 109 inches, how ever the chassis was made and design to accept the 200tdi engine, LT77 gearbox and range rover classic axles allowing coil suspension and uprated brakes.The old rotton chassis was cut up and scrapped.
It has,

200tdi engine,
LT77 gearbox,
power steering, 
Disc all round,
uprated oil cooler,
stainless exhaust down pipe,
galv roof rack,
fully restored and working safari passenger doors,
four good runway all terian tyres,
wheel spaces making it have a good foot print,
kenlowe electric cooling fan,
Injectors were reconditioned in 2008,
Brakes were total overhauled last year,
Teflon balls on front axles,
Lights are on proper relays so are bright and reliable,
Hidden electrical isolation switch,
Locking wheel nuts,
130 double coils on rear end.