Thursday 18 February 2016

Land Rover V8 SWB

Sellers Comments - This auction is for my V8 SWB Land Rover. This is a Series 3 model which had a later conversion to a 3.5l V8. I believe the engine came from a Discovery or Range Rover. I bought it 4 years ago in Devon. I have done little mileage in it - a few short trips in green lanes. The longest drive was about 100 miles to bring it up to Bristol. I imagine I have done less than 500 miles the whole time I've had it. The gearbox is a series 2A, as the previous owner wanted to have the strongest (reputedly) box to handle the extra power. The V8 conversion was done professionally so has the correct linkages. The cab is detachable. I have a few nuts and bolt for that. Now for the bad bits: it started misfiring about 6 months ago, and despite my attempts to rectify it (fuel filter, plugs, distributor cap, leads etc), it still doesn't want to run smoothly. The local garage said apart from possible mechanical issues, some sub-frame welding would be needed to get it through an MOT. So in a nutshell, this is a project for someone who has the time and motivation to get her going again.. When she goes, she has heaps of power, and well...goes anywhere, and sounds great So, because I don't use it, it's got to go. It is SORNed and standing at the local garage. If you want to view it, you'll have to let me know, and we'll meet there. Unfortunately the garage won't allow potential buyers to arrive without me there. For the right person, this is a great project that when finished will give you a serious bit of off-road kit - happy bidding.

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