Thursday 18 February 2016

Land Rover series 2A 1965 TAX EXEMPT For Sale £7600

Sellers Comments - IVOR) the Land Rover is in great shape for 65 landy. He was refurbished before we purchased (not restored) we looked for a long time to find a pretty looking land rover, that was useable . There's a lot of rubbish ones out there and there are some stunning show examples, I would like to think ours is priced accordingly to its condition. Bodywork- the car was painted last august in coach enamel back to original colour, its not perfect but never the less looks lovely just how a Land Rover should. The worst parts are some panels have some runs in the paint, but this didn't bother us as it really looks lovely. There is no rot at all and has had new door tops, it has had new corner pieces in the top of the bulk head, the roof is also painted in coach enamel as are the wheels in the limestone colour. The engine we believe is out of a series 3 Land Rover, which makes a far nicer drive it changes gear beautifully and currently does a 25 mile round trip most days, will sit happily at 50mph, it had a full service before we purchased it and went to a dyno tuning centre to be set up correctly. The speedo currently shows 28000 miles? It has free wheeling hubs up front, and has just had the brakes completely refurbished and stops great ! It has 2" risers on the rear so its rear doesn't sit down has the wider LWB wheels The chassis has typically had some patching and new outriggers on the front, but has benefited from a new 3 quarter chassis back replacement, it has been fully painted black underneath Interior has all been carpeted front and rear, new rubber mats and brand new seats all with three point seat belts, you will also see from one of the photos the original plate from when the Land Rover was made.


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