Friday 23 May 2014

Supacat 6x6 Off Road Driving - Surrey

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Ramp up the all-terrain action with this thrilling 6x6 off road experience! Abandon roads in favour of rocks, leave the highways and head for the hills; this superb adrenalin adventure showcases the ultimate excitement of 6x6 off road driving.

At this centre in Surrey you’ll be climbing into a Supacat, a fantastic six-wheeled amphibious vehicle with a military background and a technical spec to impress even the most adventurous of drivers. Classed as an All Terrain Mobility Platform (ATMP), this plucky 6x6 off road machine is still in active service across the globe. Capable of carrying up to eight soldiers and two crew, loading on injured soldiers and transporting goods across some of the most inhospitable land in the world, this motoring monster is an icon of engineering and a masterpiece of design.

Your cross-country session takes place on a specially prepared track which aims to challenge both you and the Supacat to the limit. Steep drops, woodland terrain, adverse cambers and gargantuan side banks are waiting to be overcome, if you’ve got the off road skill, nerve and determination needed to guide this 6x6er complete with roll cage and and six-wheel traction through it all.

Throughout your time on site you’ll be accompanied by an off roading instructor experienced in 6x6 driving, who’ll talk you through using the Supacat’s incredible abilities to master your environment. Worth noting is that this is a one-to-one course, giving you maximum time behind the wheel and allowing you to experience the very best that driving this 6x6 vehicle can offer.

This white-knuckle, gear-grinding, hour-long foray into the wilderness of the Surrey makes a perfect gift for motor lovers and anyone with a sense of adventure, as well as those with a flair for the unusual After all, you may have tried 4x4ing, so 6x6ing takes it up a gear. It’s a stunningly unique opportunity to drive a rare but ingenious military machine in a safe yet technically tantalising way and we’re sure that this 6x6 off road session will appeal to men and women of all ages. There’s no previous experience required, so if you’re looking for a spine-tingling introduction to off road driving, this 6x6 Supacat expedition is the way to go.

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