Sunday 25 May 2014

Quarry 4x4 Off Road in Yorkshire Near Doncaster

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Destination Yorkshire for 4x4 driving with a difference! You will get behind the wheel of a legendary Land Rover vehicle to go off roading on a professionally designed course around a thrilling and challenging disused quarry setting.

As you can well imagine, the site boasts a huge a variety of natural and man made terrain including mud filled ruts, rock steps, deep water and slide slopes. To tackle this sort of terrain you need the very best equipment - and that's where the Landys come in. This centre has a long tradition with these work-horses of the countryside and the current beasts of choice are the Land Rover Discovery 3 series and the Defender 90Tdis models - the perfect choice of 4x4 vehicle for tearing it up round the Yorkshire countryside.

After a thorough safety briefing explaining the theory involved in skilful 4x4 techniques, you will be accompanied by a BORDA accredited instructor who will teach you how to handle the wildest off-roading situations around this long-established Yorkshire venue.  Their aim is to provide you with the knowledge, skill and confidence to tackle as many of the massive range of obstacles as possible.  There are over 30 different obstacles on offer, some of which are so extreme you would find it difficult to walk over them, let alone drive!

The highly qualified male and female instructors here in Yorkshire are able to tailor every 4x4 session to match the ability of each participant. On the shared experiences you will be grouped in teams of up to three and when you're not at the wheel, you'll be a passenger. On the one to one experience, it's just you, the Land Rover and your instructor for the duration of the three hours, ensuring a very steep learning curve.

Although travelling at little more than 5mph around this little corner of Yorkshire in a 4x4, you can be guaranteed an adventurous and unforgettable off roading session as you take on the mighty tracks and trails of this superb ex-quarry location in a faithful Land Rover Disco or Defender!