Sunday 25 May 2014

Off Road Experience - 4x4 Warwickshire

Warwick, Leamington Spa

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Explore an authentic adventurer’s motoring paradise when you go off roading in Warwickshire! Churn up the mud with your all-terrain tyres and test your mettle in this cross-country metal machine that loves the bumps and grinds!

This experience near Royal Leamington Spa is the perfect playtime session for the young at heart and is filled with thrills, spills, splashes and bumps. You’ll abandon the safety of tarmac for the great unknown of the dedicated off roading trails through Warwickshire’s stunning countryside and discover just how hardy both you and the car can be!

What’s great about this course is you can mix things up, either taking a full hour behind the wheel yourself, or sharing the hot seat with up to two friends. This all makes for a wonderful wheeled expedition for hard-core off roading enthusiasts who want to hog the time for themselves, or you can ramp up the fun factor by inviting friends or family to share your skills-based session with you.

The terrain you’ll be attacking is, somewhat appropriately, ex-Ministry of Defence land, so as you bounce along in your rough-and-ready Land Rover, it feels just like an undercover jungle mission. The vehicles used look the business too: fully equipped for off roading, the Discover and Defender will attack and defeat pretty much any obstacle you throw at them. If you do get stuck in the deep mud, then there’s the additional thrill of watching the winch free the Land Rover from its quagmire prison.

For the duration of your off roading experience through Warwickshire, a fully qualified off-road driving instructor is by your side in the front passenger seat, ensuring your comfort and safety at all times, as well as encouraging you over steep drops, up towering slopes and through wickedly water-filled gullies.

This makes a great gift for a birthday or special occasion, especially for outdoor lovers, thrill-seekers and motoring fans. Why not book yourself onto this superbly splash-tastic day of motoring exploration and see if off roading across Warwickshire gets you revving your engine and your wheels in a spin. Superb!