Sunday 25 May 2014

4x4 Off Road Scottish Borders Scottish Borders

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Where's the best place in the country to drive a 4x4? Scotland of course! When you go 4x4 driving in Scotland will see you driving a proper 4x4 in its natural habitat, far away from the urban setting we are more familiar with when it comes to being in a car.

Set in the heart of the Scottish Borders equidistant from Edinburgh and Carlisle, this gateway to Scotland is the ideal setting to experience just what these rugged 4x4s can do. You will be testing these hardy Land Rovers to the limit. And no, we're not talking the city slicker Land Rover Evoque, we're talking the earth busting, go anywhere Defender. 

Going suitably hand in hand with the tricky Scottish terrain, these 4x4s have got that fabulously tough military-style exterior with bolted panels and ridiculously high ground clearance. Inside there's no hint of luxury gadgets and gizmos to keep passengers entertained - and to be honest just being in one of these 4x4 vehicles in itself is an experience as you head over impossibly uneven and steep terrain here in Scotland, so there's no way you need things like DVD screens and sound systems onboard, as everyone will be glued on the action right outside the window!

And one thing we love about this 4x4 driving experience in Scotland is that you can bring a passenger along to join in the fun, so you will be able to have a back seat driver to assist/heckle as you drive and perhaps amaze them with off roading skills even you never knew had. And all that is down to having excellent instructors to teach you the 4x4 skills, all of whom are BORDA (British Off Road Driving Association) qualified.

These purpose-built tracks just for 4x4s on Scotland's extensive Forestry Commission land are operated by Hugh Roberts, who has been competing in offroad events and rallying for many years, as well as being a dab hand with vehicle maintenance and mechanics. Nowadays he takes great pleasure in organising and running sessions for novice drivers in the forests around, teaching you how to 'tread lightly' as he puts it, in a big 4x4 vehicle.

In fact his enthusiasm is the epitome of just what 4x4ing Scotland-style is all about. It's infectious and his teaching skills install confidence, even if it's your first experience of being behind the wheel of a 4x4. The Land Rovers that Hugh uses here in Scotland are one of the best off road vehicles around to take on the challenges of the rough and rugged countryside.

Your experience in a 4x4 in Scotland starts with an introduction and safety briefing, before you head out to the Land Rover for a two hour exclusive one to one off road driving session. As well as tackling the tricky Scottish terrain,  you will learn about how 4x4s work and what they can do in the countryside - you'll be amazed!