Sunday 25 May 2014

Off Road Experience in Hampshire - Andover

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A trio of choices for you on our 4x4 in Hampshire experiences! Whether you've always fancied having a go behind the wheel of a rugged Land Rover yourself, or you'd prefer a professional to drive, you can do either at this off road driving centre in Hampshire, with sessions organised exclusively for you.

When it comes to 4x4ing, this lot based near Andover in Hants certainly know their stuff. Their role is providing off road driver training for companies and agencies with staff who need to be able to tackle all sorts of tricky terrain away from our smooth tarmac roads. We're talking electricians working on pylons, mountain rescue teams and forestry workers for example, all of whom might very well need to access remote hills and traverse tricky landscapes. These gift experiences give us mere mortals the chance to have an insight into the professional world of off roading.

For those who aren't so keen on actually tackling the sideslopes and water splashes from the driver's seat, we have the brilliant 'Extreme Ride for Two' voucher. This will see both of you in the Land Rover as passengers, being shown just what these amazing 4x4 vehicles can do on the Hampshire down lands. The 'safari' circuit has been created to push these vehicles to the limits and you'll experience everything from vehicle overrun and wading, to 45 degree drops (scary!) and steep ascents.

If you want to be in control of your ride, try our 4x4 thrills for up to two or three passengers. These both offer excellent value money as you can share the drive time as you wish and you pay no extra for it. With 60 and 90 minutes riding the Hampshire off roading trails respectively, you will discover an awful lot about 4x4ing in this time.

So what off roading driving skills can you expect to learn in Hampshire? Well, it's all about low ratio gears, differential locks and high torque with low revving engines. If all that is just words to you at the moment, don't worry as your highly qualified instructor will be showing you the ways to tackle each obstacle and explaining how what you do behind the wheel will make the Landy react.

By the end of your session in the 4x4, Hampshire will have thrown some serious off road driving challenges to you. Whether as a passenger or a driver, you will have encountered crawling, climbing and clinging in your trusty Land Rover, powered up to the crest of some serious hills, crossed deep ruts and slithered your way across side slopes. This is what green laning is all about in the countryside just outside Andover!