Sunday 25 May 2014

4x4 Off Roading Oxfordshire

Near Chipping Norton

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Who wants to go 4x4ing in Oxfordshire for an all terrain driving extravaganza? These half and full day experiences take place on a very authentic off roading course in Great Tew, Oxon. The vehicles used are proper 4x4s (Land Rover Discoveries), the real workhorses of the countryside that aren't afraid of mud, water or anything else you can throw at them for that matter - and perhaps just as well because you'll be pushing those axles to the limit!

What we love about these Oxfordshire 4x4 sessions is the amount of time at the wheel you'll get. Forget dull old classroom sessions waffling on about the mechanics of four wheel drive and knowing your diff from your viscous couplings. On the half day experience you will enjoy three separate sessions in the Landys and if you opt for the full day, you get an extra two, giving you five outings in total across a whole day that includes lunch too. Now that's what we call an intense day.

All 4x4 experiences taking place here in Oxfordshire start with a demonstration from your instructor, before you have a go at tackling the initiation circuit. Your second session goes on to test those new found off roading skills further, as you head over to a more challenging track, filled with harder water splashes, banked turns and steep drops. At some point you won't be able to see over the bonnet and you need wits of steel to trust your 4x4 to keep you on the ground and the right way up. You then be assessed by your instructor as you take on the harder circuit during a third and final driving session.

The half day version ends there, whilst those on the full on full day Oxfordshire 4x4 fest get to have a break (which includes a tasty pub lunch) before heading back out onto the tracks and trails. The first part of the afternoon is spent learning stall recovery. We've all stalled a car on a hill before on the road, so imagine what a pickle you could be in if you do just that when you've got two wheels off the ground and you're perched on a steep bank. This exercise is great fun and will leave you amazed at what you (and your trusty Land Rover) can do. And if it gets messy? Well, there's always the winch!

And there's one final test in the 4x4. Oxfordshire's toughest course will probably have you gripping the wheel just that little bit tighter. Here you'll attempt the most challenging sections of the whole set up. It's tough, but you've had superb training and four lots of practise, so let's see how you get on..