Sunday 25 May 2014

4x4 Obstacle Course Somerset Bath & West Showground

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Try your hand at some extreme off-road driving with our 4x4 Somerset activity; a specially-designed obstacle course guaranteed to get your blood pumping, your heart racing and your nerves buzzing! You’ll be driving a modified, high-powered Land Rover Discovery competition vehicle across a range of tricky terrains and you might even take part in a timed lap to see who’s got the fastest driver reflexes.
Whether you’re new to off-roading, or you’ve been handling these powerhouse machines for years, there is something to challenge everyone at our amazing venue on the Bath and West showground site. With 4x4 driving rapidly becoming a popular sport among people of all ages and abilities, the team in North Somerset is committed to providing personalised 4x4 off-road experiences that reflect not just the skills required, but their own passion and enthusiasm for this adrenaline-powered pastime.
Your 4x4 session at this expansive Somerset location starts with a safety talk, but you’ll quickly be put in the driving seat on the practice arena, where you can get a feel for the Land Rover’s abilities and your instructor can get a measure of yours. Once they’re confident that you’re ready to tackle more extreme conditions, it’s off to the course where – much like on a ski slope – there are green, red and black routes to suit different levels of cross-country competency. 
Each area provides different obstacles from see-saws, boulders, rocks and logs, to bridges, ravines, terrifying gradients and woodland trails, each one requiring a different driving style. Although your instructor is there to guide you and give advice and tips on how to overcome those bumps and drops, it’s fundamentally up to you to get your 4x4 to the end of this demanding Somerset course.
Before the end of your lesson, your instructor will then show you just what these feisty machines can do, whisking you off on a ‘pro drive’ to show you parts of the course that you might not have accessed during your stint behind the wheel.
Most of the 4x4 driving opportunities at the Somerset and Bath centre are on an individual basis, but you could make part of a group of four depending on the numbers at the venue. To add a bit of friendly competitive spirit to the day’s events, why not book a voucher with three friends and make your experience even more memorable?
However you decide to take on your off-roading exploration, we’re sure you and anyone else interested in dirt-track driving will love our 4x4 Somerset package where you’ll be getting seriously stuck into this pedal-pounding, chassis-crunching driving expedition.