Friday 23 May 2014

Extreme 4x4 Course Silverstone

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See an iconic racing location in a completely new way with our off-road Silverstone 4x4 experience. Forget speed, this extreme course is all about power, balance and judgement, as you negotiate your way down steep drops, across rugged terrain and through deep water pools, all designed to test your driving abilities to the max.

For this 50-minute off-roading session you’ll be behind the wheel of a Land Rover Defender. The Defender lives and breathes off roading and with its 2.5-litre, 5-cylinder engine this is proper 4x4 that has really stood the test of time. Built to withstand most environments, you can take this tough 4x4 tiger anywhere on the Silverstone trail and it won’t let you down. 
This entirely man-made course has been constructed just for these 4x4 sessions on the perimeter fields of the Silverstone. A huge mound in the middle of the trail gives you not only a great view of this renowned track, but also some wonderfully steep descents. And if it’s been raining, it’ll be really muddy too! With a permanent water splash another course highlight, this superb route will show you just what the latest model of Defender is capable of.
These 4x4 driving sessions are a great way to build up confidence at the wheel and gain a new appreciation for how these all wheel drive vehicles cope and adapt to rough terrain. During your time in the driving seat, you’ll receive individualised tuition from one of Silverstone’s fully qualified 4x4 instructors. They’ll talk you through the finer details of driving technique, enabling you to manoeuvre these magnificent motors over rocks, logs, dips and hills like an off-roading pro.
This is the ideal gift for anyone with a can-do attitude who wants to learn more about driving in difficult situations. Suitable for drivers of all ages and abilities (as long as you’ve held a full license for over a year), our Silverstone 4x4 challenges can easily be revved up into a fun family day out or an axle-crunching competition between friends.