Sunday 25 May 2014

Muddy 4x4 Sessions in Suffolk

Newmarket near the Cambridgeshire Suffolk border

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Tyres spinning, engine revving, muddy water up to the door handles – just a small part of what to expect on our outrageously popular Suffolk 4x4 driving experiences. Whether it’s for a die-hard outdoors enthusiast, a rookie road user or just someone who loves a challenge, put a smile on their face with these thrilling all-terrain expeditions.
There’s a choice between a 30-minute and 60-minute class, depending on how much cross-country exploration you’d like to try. All the 4x4 sessions at our Cambridge grounds start with a safety briefing, before you’re introduced to your two-legged driving instructor and your four-wheeled vehicular ally for this divertingly difficult route – a Land Rover Discovery. Specifically designed with off-roading in mind, these plucky machines can handle anything that’s thrown at them, from rocky gorges and steep mountain slopes, to fallen logs and treacherous water troughs.
Perhaps just as well it’s a Landy you’ll be driving, as these 60 acres of uncultivated landscape on the 4x4 site on the Suffolk-Cambridgeshire border has four different trails to play on - the Dirty Den, the Back of Beyond, the Crater and the Waterhole. All have their own challenges and obstacles and all living up to their names. Between them, you’ll get a real sense of what off-roading is all about and learn how to control these rugged vehicles in any kind of situation, making this not just a fun-based activity but a valuable tool for improving driver safety, too.
You’ll be accompanied at this centre in Suffolk by a qualified 4x4 instructor throughout your day, who’ll give you expert tuition on handling such an immense piece of machinery, as well as giving you guidance as you make your intrepid way around the extensive 4x4ing trails on offer.

All the instruction you receive is on a one-to-one basis; however, the Land Rover can accommodate two other participants, so if you feel like inviting a couple of daredevil friends along for the ride, the three of you can rotate turns behind the wheel Combining a full range of difficult driving situations with a fun, easy-going learning experience, these two Suffolk 4x4 off-road excursions are guaranteed to make popular gearbox-grinding gifts for anyone with a sense of all road adventure.