Sunday 25 May 2014

Off Road Experience Lincolnshire - Grantham

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Demanding and rewarding at the same time - that's what taking the wheel of a 4x4 in Lincolnshire is all about! When it comes to driving an off road vehicle, the first mistake most us make is to go too heavy on the throttle. You will soon learn that less is definitely more on this challenging session near Grantham.

You'll be pleased to hear that for this experience you will be teamed up with the best of the best when it comes to 4x4s - the Land Rover Defender. True, they might be pretty basic inside  the cabin (and forget luxuries like heated seats and central locking!) but with a galvanised chassis, high ground clearance and solid transmission there is nothing these 4x4s can't do - Lincolnshire's muddy tracks won't know what's hit 'em when you get going!

As we said, it's so not about speed. The aim of the game here is to keep going, sure and steady. That way you won't stall the big growling diesel engine and you (hopefully) won't wedge the offroader in a ditch or steep camber. This sort of driving is so far removed from the daily commute that we think it's the best fun you can have in Lincolnshire at 5mph in a proper 4x4.

Before you can go wading through the grime and gravel, you will take part in a safety briefing so you know what to expect, what you might come against and when. Then with the instructor in the passenger seat, you climb into the driver's seat (which feels really high up!) and away you go. You'll be shown how working with your surroundings can help you ease through both the manmade and purpose-built obstacles in your 4x4 that litter this tough Lincolnshire course.

Concentration, consideration, lateral thinking and a little bit of luck, all combined with the finest tool for the job will ensure you will love getting to grips with this 4x4. Lincolnshire's mud-packed paths and tracks around Grantham offer one of the best terrains for you to discover just what off roading and green-laning is all about, so you're surely in for the drive of your life!