Friday 23 May 2014

Action Packed 4x4 Activity Sussex

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Three is the magic number when it comes to this wild and wacky 4x4 Sussex experience, where you drive a trio of off road vehicles. Not just your ordinary off road trek, this action-packed bumper selection of all-terrain vehicles sees you behind the wheel of a production 4x4, a special dirt-munching bespoke-built Landy and a mad caged buggy. The session starts gently, with the Sussex grounds offering a ‘Meadow Meander’ in a 4x4 Kia Jeep. There are slopes, mud and woodland obstacles to overcome and this is the ideal introduction to off-roading. Then we crank up the heat in a modified Land Rover Defender 90 for the ‘Jungle Run’ – ploughing headlong through thick undergrowth, catching glimpses of daylight as you rollick your way through the wilderness. Forget Sussex - it’s the Amazon Rainforest! For the grand finale, you’re bundled into a 4x4 trials buggy and it’s off to one of Sussex’s disused quarries for the ultimate off-road challenge. Too difficult for standard 4x4s to negotiate, this purpose-built, hair-raising and occasionally vertigo-inducing route includes driving along a stream bed and overcoming a 6ft drop that’s pretty much vertical. You need to complete the marked-out course making as few mistakes as possible – not as easy as it sounds! All sessions begin with a safety talk and a brief introduction to 4x4 driving. You’ll be accompanied by an experienced instructor from the Sussex centre at all times, who will guide you through the technical difficulties of off-roading, as well as ensuring you don’t make any major mistakes.  For the duration of the activity you’ll be with a maximum of two other people to make a group of three. You all get equal time driving the 4x4 vehicles, but if you’d rather be with people you know, get a couple of friends or family members involved and turn the day into a friendly competition. The entire course lasts around two hours, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to put your new skills to good use. This is a brilliant and engaging way of introducing 4x4 driving to novices, with bags of excitement and tricky obstacles requiring all your nerve and determination. Because of the stepped levels of difficulty, this is great for experienced drivers as well as anyone wanting to improve their on- and off-road confidence. Get yourself in gear for this 4x4 Sussex session and be prepared for not one, but three bumpy rides!