Sunday 25 May 2014

4x4 Offroading - Rockingham - Rockingham Race Circuit

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For the ultimate rough-ride drive, our Rockingham 4x4 experience is hard to beat. Combining off road driving skills with some of the most difficult track conditions Rockingham has to offer, from gullies and streams to steep banks and mud-filled pools, this is one wild four-wheeled activity you’ll never forget.
When it comes to motoring, whether circuit-based or off road, Rockingham is one of the prime motorsport venues in the UK. Famed not only for its banked Oval track, the fastest in Europe, Rockingham Motor Speedway also plays host to F3 Grand Prix and British Touring Car Championships, giving this place a pedigree that few locations can match. This experience sees you going ‘behind the scenes’ as you go off roading at the rear of Rockingham’s huge grandstands.
So for this 4x4 session, you’ll be away from the smooth and steady surface of the circuit and onto the rutted, rocky and unpredictable ground of Rockingham’s extreme off-roading trail. Your sole weapon against the combined might of earth and weather around this gruelling cross-country trail is a Land Rover Discovery, chosen for its abilities to overcome any and all terrains. Nevertheless, you’ll need all of your courage, patience and determination to conquer the course, keep your 4x4 moving and overcome any obstacles in your path.
Before the challenge really begins, you’ll have a short safety talk followed by an instructor demo, to help you get a feel for both the territory and the vehicle. Very little training is required for this kind of activity, so you get the maximum amount of time behind the wheel.
Your instructor will be with you throughout, sat in the passenger seat ready to give advice and support when needed. Your driving time is one-to-one, but there can occasionally be other drivers who’ll take turns using the same 4x4 vehicle. With around 30 minutes in total at the wheel, you can be sure it will take all of your concentration and nerve to make it to the end of this fiendish Rockingham off road route.
Vehicular victory awaits in the form of a certificate of achievement to mark your taming of the tricky Northamptonshire topography, which is presented to you at the end of the session. This is the perfect experience for car-lovers, extreme sports enthusiasts and anyone with a sense of adventure and is sure to get hearts and engines revving. Now open to drivers as young as 17 with a full UK license and with no upper age limit (as long as they can drive!), our Rockingham off road track is a 4x4 challenge just waiting to be tested.