Sunday 25 May 2014

4x4 Off Road Newcastle

Northumberland near Hexham

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Discover the might of the Land Rover Defender on this 4x4 driving experience in Newcastle! Put simply, this vehicle is one of the most renowned 4x4s in the world for agility, endurance and sturdiness, so you will love driving it.

This experience takes place on a highly acclaimed 4x4 driving course in the heart of the Northumberland country estate, featuring steep hills, big drops, off camber sections and even water canyons. The Landy is well-equipped to cope with it all having been modified with a 2.5 inch lift kit, snorkel and lightweight wheels.

You'll also be well-equipped to deal with these challenges as the instructor drivers will guide you all the way around the 4x4 course. As well as having a safety briefing, the instructor will take you on a demo drive before letting you loose behind the wheel.

This Defender 90 4x4 driving experience is available on a one instructor to one driver basis, so you have exclusive use of the vehicle for around 50 minutes. If you've got friends and family who want to join in the fun, you can invite up to four of them along with the additional driver/spectator vouchers and they can ride in the vehicle and even share your driving time with you