Sunday 25 May 2014

Off Roading Experience Scotland

Perthshire near Perth

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Get your tyres spinning with some wild and wonderful off road driving in Scotland.
 This experience will see you brave some of the most breathtaking terrain the Scottish Highlands have to offer, with pools, troughs, gullies and mountains all waiting to be tackled. With four wheels, shed loads of torque and traction combined with a hearty dose of courage to help, can you defeat our off roading challenge? For this bracing driving session in Perthshire, you’ll be behind the wheel of a County 110 Land Rover Defender, the vehicle that has been at the backbone of country living in places like this for years, long before cruising to the supermarket in 4x4s became a national sport! Your time at the track will start with a quick safety talk and an introduction to driving a proper off road 4x4 – which is a surprisingly different experience to that of driving a normal car, especially on Scotland’s craggy terrain, as you make full use of the dual-range transmission.  Your 90-minute lesson takes place on a one-to-one basis with an experienced off-road instructor, who’ll guide you through the balance between speed and caution as you manoeuvre the powerful Land Rover across all kinds of obstacles. After a short practice period on relatively flat ground, the wide expanse of this beautiful Scottish landscape awaits. Tuition is geared to your individual abilities, so whether you’re a novice or you’ve tried the axle-twisting fun of 4x4 off road driving before, our Scotland centre provides tailored experiences to help you get the most out of this madcap motoring venture. What’s more, you’ve got the option to include one other person in your Defender driving session, either as a passenger or additional driver – so you can share the enjoyment with someone special in the back as a passenger or you can both drive to see who can tackle the trickiest terrain. Further participants only incur a small additional fee, so this is equally suited to families or groups of friends looking to celebrate in a fun and unusual manner. Get yourself in gear with this extraordinary highland adventure and make off road driving across Scotland a road trip to remember. With no experience required, there’s nothing standing between you, your Land Rover, and being your own off-roading champion.