Tuesday 26 April 2016

Land Rover Series 2a 1971 SPARES /REPAIRS *RUNNER* , TAX FREE

Sellers Comments - 1971 Series 2A (I think) short wheel base land rover. This land rover has been owned by my brother and father for approximately 20 years. It came as a very tidy light blue petrol truck cab and was modified to what you can see in the pictures. It is fitted with a 2.5na diesel from a 110, series 3 gearbox (I think), 110 windscreen, door tops and modified roof. It had a new wiring loom and various other parts at the time. It was also brush painted green, had the fuel tank installed in the tub and a roll cage and bull bars fitted. It never made it back on the road and has been lurking around my fathers farm since - it has a few battle scars, the brakes are awfull, the clutch is not operational (needs bleeding I think), the rear springs and exhaust are shot, the engine needs a lot of cranking to start but runs fine (I think this is a timing / glow plug issue) It does however have a very good chassis and bulkhead and we have the V5 for it. The land rover is a project vehicle and requires trailered away. Being a land rover it is not beyond restoration and would be a good project for someone or could donate it's good chassis, bulkhead and tax free registration to your project