Sunday, 10 April 2016

Land Rover Series 2a - 1969 Tax Exempt

969 Tax Exempt Series 2a Land Rover as a non-runner. It was a working vehicle up until 2012 where it unfortunately dropped a rod and made a hole in the block. It currently has the 2 1/4 Petrol Engine so a diesel upgrade might be the way to go. I had every intention of restoring it but I no longer have the time which is a real shame and it has been parked up since 2012. It passed the last MOT after a couple of small things needed correcting. I recall one of the front shocks needing changing, one of the brakes was a bit sticky and it needed a new sidelight lense. Might have been a couple of more small other things, certainly no welding or such like. Also worth mentioning that I have changed the 5 or 6 ball joints on the steering and this did help the handling. Being completely honest this is not a showroom model and definitely needs some TLC, but could be restored or just made road worthy again. I have had a crawl underneath and cant see and areas that need attention, however don’t hold me to that. It does seem pretty solid overall and there has clearly been work carried out on it before. Please bear in mind this is nearly a 50 year old vehicle that has worked most of its life and It will not handle like a modern Defender! I have tried to be as honest as I can and I the pictures give a good representation of its condition. Before it was parked up it was working but would benefit from some attention. I have the V5 Document in my name and possession. Due to relocating I ideally need this collected by the 19/04/2016. I am based just near Cardiff and would suggest a trailer would be needed to collect. I cannot offer any delivery services. Not shown in the pictures is another wheel/tyre and the seats that it come with when I purchased it. I will but these in the back ready for you. Sellers Comments