Tuesday 12 April 2016

Items Wanted - For - 1967 Series 4 Austin Gypsy diesel - Rescued from a field! - Project

Good Evening Everyone,
Can you help Jos with the project they have undertaken, the details are listed below. If you can then please email Jos - jos.sheila@hotmail.co.uk 

From Jos 

We’ve recently bought the remnants of a 1967 Series 4 Austin Gypsy diesel ... rescued from a field!
We need at the very least the following ...

Chassis series 4 leaf spring model SWB
Set of rear springs
Set rear axle u bolts
One front windscreen glass
Windscreen surround
Front wings
Rear prop shaft
A steering wheel and a radiator

Here are some pictures of the project.
Any help would be appreciated.  - Best Wishes - Jos