Tuesday 26 April 2016

1966 LAND ROVER 88" - 4 CYL PETROL GREEN SERIES 2a SWB RAGTOP (Tax exempt) May part exhange for great Range Rover V8 P38 or L322

Here we have 'Gizmo' my 50 year old (tax exempt) Landrover Series 2a. As I write this I am still not 100 percent sure i want him to go, but I am opting for a Range Rover V8 (need a longer distance vehicle) so I would consider a very clean p/x or p/x with cash either way. I know the P38 and L322 faults so would have to be free of those to be considered.

I have owned him for the last year and spent lots of time and money on him getting him into daily comfortable use, and include
New Carb.
Gearbox overall to stop the very annoying jumping out of third.
New master and slave cylinder.
New door tops
Fume curtain
Defender heater
New seat bases
New wiper motors
Mats / soundproofing throughout
..and lots of other things i cant think of at the moment.

He's on a fantastic chassis and bodywork (rot wise) its 100 percent clean which is why i bought him. Few dents on the body but does nothing to effect the look. Someone looks to have fitted a snorkel in the past and a hole in the wing top is plugged with a plastic bung (can't say i every really notice) but thought i would mention. Gearbox is now 100 percent. Transfer box works as should. Engine is great, and starts every time, uses a bit of oil but that's more likely to be because I'm using semi synthetic which they were never designed for (photos are taken while engine running). Its the petrol (perhaps not original engine) and not fantastic mpg but to be honest these are not cars for high mileage folks. I have the original wheels for it (two tyres good two need replacing) which are in with the sale. There is a decent set of wheels and tyres on it now. I have got rid of the terrible and leaking smiths heater and fitted a defender heater which is miles better (see pic. of mod to inside to accommodate). Mats and sound proofing fitted which is not for everyone but does mean you can talk to your passenger, if you don't like just peel off. Rag top in great condition, with new fume curtain. One of the clocks has a crack (see pic)

Please come and look, not for the rivet counter or purest but very clean, fun to drive and a real head turner, and mods to make it a daily albeit local drive.

Tax exempt with 1 months MOT but will put 12 months on it if it exceeds £4,500. It will sail through.