Saturday 23 April 2016

1993 LAND ROVER RANGEROVER VOGUE EFI WESTMINSTER GREY 1 year MOT, Excellent Condition, Used as holiday car

Extremely reluctant sale, but no longer required as the family has grown up. This car has been used for family holidays in the Highlands of Scotland for over 10 years. It hasn't done any serious off-roading, but has been been used on single-track roads and sometimes unmettled tracks. It has towed and launched boats and carried bicycles. Most of the time, It has been garaged waiting for holiday time. Its been fitted with many extras for our leisure use.

Steel front bumper with hitch
Front Mounted Electric Winch "Champion"(fully functioning)
Front towball
Steering guard
Diff Guard
Roof bars with surf-board holder (currently dismounted)
Rear variable height tow-flange (with towball and pin)
Waterproof seat covers both front & rear
General Cooper All-Terrain tyres with ample tread
Spring suspension (the air suspension was removed for reliability)
Sony Bluetooth iPod compatible Radio/CD

It has an enormous history file detailing some of the owners and much of the servicing and work done over the years. The lower tailgate was replaced 5 years ago, and the upper was replaced with an aluminium version. The rear load area floor was replaced with a fabricated unit by specialists James Fench of Witney around 5 years ago. After wrestling with the air suspension (it was not reliable) I replaced it with spings. I regularly go over the car after holidays and any paint bubbles or scratches are coated with anti-rust and painted. It was rustproofed at "before n' after" just under 10 years ago.

Note that this car is over 20 years old and while it has been regularly used and well looked after, it has some minor body dents (see photos) and the roof lining is drooping. There is a blow from the exhaust manifold (its been there for the last 8 years). The aircon doesn't work (not really needed in Inverness) and the blower stopped working at Christmas.  I have just driven it down from Inverness to Didcot and she didn't miss a beat. I cannot, however, describe the car and its faults or wear and tear in full and you must see it and judge its value for yourself.

The car has been serviced regularly and used about 3 times a year for last 10 years during holidays. It comes with a large history file and 1 years MOT.  Available to view near Didcot. First offer of £3,950 secures