Wednesday 3 June 2015

Land Rover 1971 2A new gearbox, soft top, Overdrive, Genuine mileage 84977 2.25L No Rust in chassis, rust in bulkhead needs repair

Land Rover 1971 2A new gearbox, soft top, Overdrive, Genuine mileage 84977 2.25L petrol
No Rust in chassis but has rust in bulkhead, Fantastic car for restoration

I am selling this car on behalf of a gentleman who purchased a restored Late Model Series 3 from me.
I retired and restore Land Rover Series 3's for a hobby, buying, rust proofing and renovating them. I work to order, .I.E. you specify the model and colour of Land Rover and I obtain one to suit you, and then renovate it to whatever level; you require.  However, this is a series 2A and also it is not the work I normally undertake.

I have compiled a complete Specifications Sheet available (as a PDF) for this car.  It details much more than I can fit into an e-bay listing including more photos.  Please text your email address to me at me on 07783 685 042 and I will email you the PDF ASAP.   The Specification Sheet is too large for E-bays message system.

OFFERS and buy it now price

The car is offered for sale elsewhere and could be sold at any moment.  So please feel free to send me an offer via e-bays message system.  Please don't mess about with silly offers because they won't be accepted.  I am in the industry and know what a SERIES 2A with documented original milage and all this recent major overhaul work is worth.  Yes it needs some panel and paint but finished would sell for an awful lot of money

History of the car as related to me
The mot's on hand show the mileage genuine. Current owner has owned it for approximately the past 8 years.  The previous owner was a young man who spent a lot of money on the car to make it an off roader but sold the car as he couldn't afford to get a driving licence or insure the car.  He put the petrol tank into the rear tub thus raising it to obtain much better ground clearance and also installed a roll bar, and a second checker plate floor over the original floor in the ear tub.

The current owner, a classic car collection who has also spent a lot more money on the car.  He rebuilt the gearbox at a cost of £2440.89 in October 2013, replaced the valve guides on the engine, and replaced the hood with a new one on 24/01/2103.  So, mechanically it is great.  He also serviced it every year annually at MOT time

Current condition of the car
Mechanically the car is in good fettle and so it should be with so much money spent on it in recent years.

Engine has had all the valve guides replaced by the current owner and seems to be in good working order.  However it needs a new battery.  The factory oil bath air filter comes with car but is not currently fitted.  It can easily be put back. It was removed to install a sports style air filter as this can give more power and better mileage.  The sports air filter has now been moved to the car the owner purchased from me.

Gearbox has been completely rebuilt at a cost of £2440.89 in October 2013 and the car has a Fairey overdrive in good working condition

Fairey Overdrive - the car has a Fairey overdrive in good working condition

Freewheels Hubs - on the front wheels

The seats - are in excellent having been replaced for off-roading.  I think they may be defender seats

New Soft Top - replaced with a new one from Paddock Spares on 24/01/2013

Panel work - The panels are generally original and in good condition.  However the passenger side door top and window has been recently been replaced with new.

The paintwork - needs redoing inside and out.  Luckily the existing paint is sound if not pretty and so it could be simply sanded back and would not need striping back to metal.  So a relatively simple repair

Tyres - All 5 tyres are excellent with lots of tread.  These will last this cars for many, many, years.

Bull Bar - The vehicle comes with a bull bar (not attached).

Two Tow Balls - one on both the front and rear

The Chassis is rust free.,  The paint on the chassis is peeling and so it needs a wire brushing and is then ready for my rust prevention process (see the information on this at the end of the listing).  The only rust is a thin film of surface rust in places which makes it a perfect candidate for conversion to from Iron Oxide (surface rust) to Iron Phosphate an inert substance that will never rust again.

The Dashboard Bulkhead and foot wells are rusted and need repair and/or replacement.
Obviously the extent of the damage is hard to see until you start getting into it and get some access.  I have taken a worst case scenario and think you would be wise to budget for the purchase of some or all of the following items.

         Door Pillar Repair Section LH                             part no LH60L                         39.60
         Door Pillar Repair Section RH                            part no LH60R                         39.60
         Door Pillar bottom Bracket LH                            part no LR60BL                       17.40
         Door Pillar bottom Bracket RH                           part no LR60BR                       17.40
         Bulkhead Top Corner repair piece LH                part no LR62L                          12.00
         Bulkhead Top Corner repair piece RH               part no LR62R                          12.00
         Total                                                                                                                 £138.00
         Footwell LH                                                         Supplied with car
         Footwell RH                                                        Supplied with car
         The prices above include VAT)
Personally, in view of the low cost parts costs, I wouldn't quibble, and I would just replace them all.

As you dismantle and replace the above you may find a couple of bits and pieces you would be wise to replace just in case. For example you might want or need to replace the two front bulkhead outriggers at a cost of £21.60 (VAT inc) each.  Of course you can also fabricate some small panels and bits out of light steel panel at little cost should you need them.

MOT Expiry:  no current MOT certificate
The car has been MOT every year since its first registration.  However it would have failed the last MOT due to rust in the bulkhead being too close to the steering box.  The MOT test checks the drive train in 2WD, 4WD, and High and Low ranges and so you know not only has the gearbox etc been rebuilt, all the drive train has been in good order and is solid and normal throughout a range of driving conditions

Other good points
VALUE of these is going up fast.  In my experience they have zoomed upwards in the past 12-18 months.  I think as the economy improves they will continue to strongly increase in value
Registration mark, this old style plate number can be sold.  I haven't had that valued yet and you would need to write to the DVLA to get permission first  That takes about 2-3 weeks but so far they have never yet said no to me to having any of these very old plates being transferred.

My Role
I am retired and restore Landy's for a hobby, buying, rust proofing and renovating them and I also work to order.   I haven't worked on this car.  I am advertising this on behalf of a client who is not very technical.  If you buy the car you will pick it up from my clients home near Chichester.  You can pay him personally for the car and he has the V5 in his name.  I will meet you both at his home.

Pickup and delivery.
The car does not have an MOT and cannot be taxed until it has one.  You can trailer it away or, alternatively, as I am a dealer, I can drive it on my dealer plates and my dealer insurance to wherever you want to work on it.  You can even accompany me on the journey.  Of course I would want to be compensated for my time and low cost seniors card train fare back to my home.  We can discuss this when I know where you live.
 PAYMENT - Cash only on pickup