Tuesday 23 June 2015

Land Rover Defender 300 Tdi Auto 100" Trayback Challenge Off Roader For Sale £8995 - ONO

Land Rover Defender 100” trayback fitted with a 300 Tdi engine and auto gearbox and 1.6 ratio transfer box.

This car was built by me and my teammate in 2010 and is a Defender 90 which we stretched to 100” using a D44 rear tray back winch mount, bespoke heavy duty cranked arms and a D44 A frame extension.

Sat on Old Man Emu springs and shocks all round with D44 heavy duty front turrets and pin to pin long travel rear shocks with D44 mounts and D44 relocation cones.

In the axles are ARB air lockers, Ashcroft shafts all round with GKN AEU2522 front CV’s with D44 heavy duty diff pans to protect the centres.

Genuine Mach 5 8x15 steel wheels which havew valve protectors welded on with Simex Extreme Trekker 35/11.5/15 tyres all round.

The roll cage is a custom MSA approved roll cage with a D44 tray back frame kit and Protection & Performance tubular front end kit which we modified slightly.

A D44 high mount winch mount and matching steering guard hold the front Warn 8274 winch which has a pinned clutch lever, breather set up, standard length Delta-Tek air freespool drum and Bow motor 3 controlled by a Albright contactor, Plasma rope and D44 stainless fairlead. There is a control switch behind the grill (cut out for access) and another switch in the cab.

On the rear the Warn 8274 has a Warn XP motor fitted with an Albright contactor on the end using Gigglepin extended motor bolts, a Plasma rope and D44 stainless fairlead. There is a control switch by the winch and a second one in the cab.

The steering is standard Land Rover 4 bolt power steering box with the Discovery drag link set up with track rod ends rather than the swan neck set up. The drag link and track rod are Sumo bars.

The doors are Series 3 doors with removable tops and have custom alloy sliders on the outside with D44 door cards on the inside.

On the dash, there is a Mud dash console fitted with Carling switches to control the winches, fog light, rear work light and front light loom (no lights on the front cage as I used a removable LED bar, not included). An interior light is fitted for dark time map reading.

There are three 12v sockets for charging headsets / phones etc. Two on the dash and one behind the drivers head.

The ARB locker control switches and the front free spool switch are on the auto console.

The snorkel is mounted behind the cab out of harm’s way, connected to the engine and running through the cab and has a Greens filter on the top.

The ARB air lockers and front air freespool drum are all connected to a Gigglepin air manifold which is behind the front seat by the ARB high output compressor. The air freespool is controlled by an Ashcroft solenoid unit.

The rear window is Perspex to reduce weight and the side windows have been removed and customer alloy panels made to prevent window breakage.

The headlights are Wipac crystal clear units with the standard indicator and side lights tucked away behind the light surrounds. On the rear, LED stop / tail / indicators hide under the tray with a removable fog light. The rear number plate is on the back of the cab with a light.

The tray is decked in chequer plate with a large cut out for Wolf boxes, a ammo box was used for the strap storage box, Quickfist clamps and a custom bracket hold a D44 ground anchor in place (ground anchor not included), quick release waffle holders hold two 38mm thick waffles (two included with the car). The spare wheel sits nice and tight to the cab, low down and is held in by a strap.

The front driver’s seat has Mud seat risers fitted with Pyrotec quick release four point belt and the passenger seat has a quick fit / release four point belt fitted. Both belts are attached to D44 harness mounts which are welded to the down stays on the roll cage.

The cage has extra strengthening parts welded into place for a centre winch. The fairlead is attached to the top of the cage and there are two loops for hook storage but the winch and mount are not included.

The auto gear box is cooled via a Range Rover P38 oil cooler which was adapted to suit the connections. A 12v fan is mounted to the radiator, a Race Parts gauge shows the temperature on the dash and the fan is activated by a Carling switch on the dash.

A new cooling radiator was fitted recently; a new brake master cylinder was also fitted prior to the cars last event.

The fuel tank is a standard side tank and has a Southdown tank guard to protect it. Fuel is filled via a sports cap on the rear of the cab.

The bonnet is held down with two bonnet pins and features a pair of stainless vents to help keep it cool,

All the breathers have been raised and run to the top of the roll cage.

There is a fresh MOT put on it last month  (Sellers Comments)