Sunday 14 June 2015

LAND ROVER series 2a IIa 1965 tax exempt with MOT 200TDi

The engine starts nicely & runs well it does have slight smoke on start up but then clears. There are no nasty rattles or bangs & there are no significant oil leaks very small amount underneath does drip slightly like they all do

Sellers Comments
With a heavy heart I have decided to sell my loved Land Rover 1969 200TDI  Series IIa.

I've owned this vehicle for 2 years, I loved the idea of a simple tax-exempt vehicle and have done a lot of work to it in my ownership.  Unfortunately, the family found it way too agricultural for daily use also my 17 year old son is buying a car & I need the room on the drive, so the Land Rover has to go.

The engine starts nicely & runs well it does have slight smoke on start up but then clears.  There are no nasty rattles or bangs & there are no significant oil leaks very small amount underneath does drip slightly like they all do.  She has a series 3 gearbox so no synchromesh in second gear, had gearbox input/output shaft oil seals replaced as when I first had her she used to leave an oil trail down the road, that has been fixed.  All the gears are there & high/low ratio selects properly. The clutch is fine & the car has never jumped out of gear. The car has an MOT until January 1st 2016. The V5 (on which the car shows as an historic vehicle) is in my name, at my address & the car is currently on the road. The mileage shows 17390, for what that's worth.

There has been welding done on the chassis as you would expect and in the future I am sure it will need patching again but at the moment all appears solid, the foot wells are very tidy with chequer plate floors, the door top are not brilliant but windows work etc.  The “elephant hide” type seats are in very good condition, in the middle where the third seat would normally go the battery sits below.  I also have spare hard top that can come with the land rover.  The brake shoes have been replaced all round. 

The panels are very straight but the land rover would benefit from a re-paint.  I have a virtually full tin (5Ltr) of Bronze Green paint for body work, Etch Primer, Limestone for the wheels.  There are brush marks visible in the paint, particularly on the bonnet. The best I can say is that it needs re-painting but the paint above mentioned will be included in the sale and is plenty to re-spray her about five times over.

The rear tow bar and rear electrics have been re-wired in the last twelve months.

Two jobs that would benefit of being done soon in my opinion are replace the Cam-belt and place a new thermostat in.  These are two jobs that I would do if I was keeping her for another couple of years.

The canvas roof is a heavy material canvass type I have glued a water proof material to the inside which has made it 97 percent water proof but there are a couple drips getting into the rear but nothing to worry about.  The canvass has windows in the side and rear. 
The battery is my old spare out of our old land rover freelander. It turns the motor over briskly but I couldn't answer for it's ability to hold that charge.  I have had the alternator reconditioned professionally in the last fourteen months.

I like the style & look of the large tyres reasonable amount of tread left on them.  I have also had two of the wheels sand blasted and then sprayed them myself in the Limestone the other two wheels could do with having this done too.

It's a half-century old it comes from a time before: ABS, child seats, air bags, cat converters, radial tyres or power steering. The suspension is crude, the drum brakes are adequate I have had all the hub seals done also on all the wheels and cooper brake piping all round.  The 200TDI does make the car go very well probably too well for the current brakes if I was keeping her long term would probably look to upgrade the brakes.  I haven't done more than a few dozens of miles in this in the last two years & wouldn't attempt a journey of any length without a comprehensive tool kit & a selection of spare parts.  My advice is if you're going to be surprised by one or more of: the comedy wipers, uncomfortable ride, ludicrous “heater” (but does work!), then this probably isn't for you.

She is great fun to drive though especially with the roof off.  I would prefer anyone that seriously wants to buy it to view it first before bidding & see the vehicle, or at the very least get in touch. I'll cancel bids from any one with fewer than 10 feedback entries. I'm selling this in an auction with absolutely no warranty given, implied or in any other way expressed, so be sure you know what you're getting into. I expect payment in cash on collection & there will be no haggling after the hammer falls.  I may choose to end early as it is advertised elsewhere.  Lastly no overseas bidders I will not ship/post overseas.  Happy bidding.